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4 dots

If you're quick to visualize and put things in perspective, then the first scene of this series would be 3 guys constantly replying on a mail chain which has accumulated a plethora of replies. There's some discussion about one of them getting engaged. There is this one guy whose replies are still awaited. In the alpha city of New York lives this guy Arjun.

So, as the story unfolds it is found that these four guys happen to be childhood friends who attended college together. Soon after, to build a nest for themselves, each of them flew in a multitude of directions. Slowly and steadily the story catches up on it's pace and you're taken through the routines these guys have indulged into with the kind of living they've made for themselves.

It is however interesting to see that as the story turns pages the circle, of which these four dots are diametrically opposite points, starts to converge too.

Krish is this guy who is getting engaged and awaits the arrival of each of his mates as he warms the terrace of his house, PanchSheel, every night with his beer and music.

So, what are the dilemmas that Jeet, who lives in California is facing as he fails to book a flight to India, every day? Why does this seem like a Déjà vu experience?
And as for Rishi, well, even simplicity in this world comes at a premium. Are we ready to pay that price!

Experience how the circle reduces and the dots come closer to each other. Is it the turbulence before an explosion or the unity of four forces meant to orbit around a miniscule radius.

I throw open the series 4 dots to you:

#1 . . . . 4 dots really
#2 Krish's wait!
#3 Of trials and happenings
#4 Now and then
#5 The flashback
#6 Decisions made, choices not
#7 Lives were un-spiraling
#8 And the circle is reducing...
#9 Jeet and Arjun arrive
#10 Veil Unveil


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