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#1 . . . . 4 dots really


All this while he had worked hard; all this while since college. His priorities were clear so decision making wasn't difficult till now. But during the managers' meeting, life seemed to come a full circle for him. For anyone who knew Jeet, it was an easy realization that decision making was once again becoming difficult for him. It was not about work though.


Every time he opened his mailbox, it appeared flooding. Well, that was not new to Arjun. A new lifestyle that had him more on the virtual world than real. More so, after he moved to the wonderful city of New York. A new addition to the already million-subscribed-mails was a mail chain that kept increasing its number exponentially seeming no bounds. Arjun's replies were awaited; sure he was reading all of the mails.


The constant radio blabbers and the regular cricket updates on his smartphone. Too much for a peaceful person that he once was?
Well, life had other plans. It takes it's own convenient period of time to make an impact on people. Some give in to the impact, some don't. Neither are one up against the other. In the end, everything falls in place.
An art exhibition, a 10 km drive and cricket match tickets sold in black, all in the past 2 hours. Life was moving thick and fast.
#dejavu #sadreality

The lit up house in the rear and celebrations that were paused for the moment.
If that was symbolic of anything! Who knew it better than Krish.
The sound of the beer bottle touching the ground was deafening. There were days when the terrace was occupied by wanderers who sought that terrace as their drinking place. Not to be anymore. 
Being in different time zones suck, he thought.


  1. Interesting characters. Like the way you created hashtags; brings out the beauty of writing.

  2. That's really four dots!!! I like the hashtags idea Animesh :)

  3. Very interesting characters & you defined them brilliantly :)


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