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#2 Krish's wait!

This is in continuation to the first part in the series..


The night moved at it's own pace unlike life which was racing lately for Krish. He had to be a part of the celebrations during the day. Night was the only time he had with himself. Neither with the cellphone, nor with the laptop. Just the way he liked it. His beer and the moon to stare. Every now and then, he would think about Arjun, Jeet and Rishi. His companions, comrades as they called themselves.

Krish was going to get engaged soon.


Voice messages; umpteen!
That's how he had made his days to be. Entering his 2BHK apartment, switching on the voice machine and there it went. Playing messages one after the other. He was minting money no bounds, and his days were passing thick and past. So much so, that his weekends were the only time he spoke to his family back in India. He had broken up with his girlfriend. His workaholic nature was taking over like the sand filling one side of an hourglass.

Much like Krish, life didn't seem to stop.

A particular mail chain concerning Krish's soon-to-be-over-bachelorhood kept asking for Arjun's reply. He checked flight tickets everyday, none suited his time table. And to his dismay, he slept off everyday in disappointment.


The priorities were weighing down on the lanky lad, urging for a decision to be made. Back home, his best friend was getting engaged and he couldn't move out of a glass chamber. His fears were coming true, silently, slowly and surely. The reminiscent college days.

Yet again he was against time.

There was eerie silence in his cabin. Continually fiddling with the paper weight, his occupancy was broken by a message on his cellphone. It was Rishi, one of simplest people you could come across.

When are you flying to Krish's?

Jeet had no idea.

We often come across situations where there is a predicament much to our annoyance. Decisions become clearer to us when we view them in retrospect. What are we learning as we walk past prioritizing things. Experiences?

As Krish moves towards one of the most important phases of his life, will Arjun, Rishi and Jeet be able to set their lives in the right order or will they just go ahead with the ever continuing flow which refuses to let go.

Life's a bitch, well it is. And you've no idea how much if you allow it to be.

#3 Of trials and happenings


  1. Let's see what will happen next Animesh. Will they make it?

    Someone is Special

  2. So true a statement with so simple illustrations....

    True sire. Life is a bitch....:-)

  3. Quite a modern day tale, looking forward to read next. Please keep me updated :)

  4. SiS: Let's see if they do! :)

    Rochak: Thank you sire! :)

    Saru: Sure will! :)

  5. Life is a bitch and more so if you let it be. :)
    You do write from the heart.


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