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#3 Of trials and happenings

3:45 to 8:00.
4 hours and 15 minutes of sleep maximum possible.

Sleep was a far-fetched thought that night. Other trivia was more occupying than their appearance.
That was so unlike Arjun. His web browser had zillions of tabs open, generally. He never shut down his laptop for the time it used to take to boot up again.

With the sound of a bell, a small window popped up.

Rishi had pinged him.

Rishi: Awake at this hour of the day?
me: Yes bro. Wassup with you?
Rishi: Everything alright?
me: Yes, nearly. Thinking about Krish!
Rishi: I know man. He's expecting all of us to be there.
me: Will you be able to make it?
Rishi: I asked Jeet the same thing. Haven't heard from him yet. You haven't been replying on the mail chain too. Is everything good?
me: Yeah.

Rishi knew, for a fact, that things were not alright.
He knew Arjun won't be able to make it, so won't Jeet.


And he was up on the terrace with his music and beer again.


He had a client meeting tomorrow. He kept himself busy with that not sparing enough time to think about Krish. It was going to be a long night. With rain splashing the window panes forming the music, work wasn't taking a toll on him. Infact, it never did. Jeet was one of those toppers who were always over-prepared. A habit he cultivated in his school days and nurtured during his college days. #theircollegedays

By the way, he booked a flight to India. Just in case..


Thinking wasn't going to help. And Temple run was going to!?
So he thought. The child in Rishi was still there, but he knew when to let that side prevail.
Rishi, though, decided that he'll be going to Krish's. He was wishing Arjun and Jeet also manage like they always did for each other in college.
He booked tickets to Delhi, to Krish's place.


And with that, the ball was set in motion. Rishi was to leave next evening.

As for Krish, he would have company drinking, and the terrace, well, it would again see it's old companions. Compassionate comrades!

to be continued....


  1. Wrap it now. I mean too much suspense kills me :D

  2. Rochak: :) thanks!

    Aman: Finding striking similarities? ;)

    Saru: I know it does. I'll post the next parts soon! :)


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