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#4 Now and then


Rishi was waiting on the platform waiting for the train to arrive. And he kept gulping water from the water bottle he just purchased from the station. The heat was scorching and biting. Thankfully, the train was on time and Rishi took his time to get inside it letting all the commotion to space out.
He wasn't the kinds who would rush in the moment train arrives. He was patient!

The train started moving and that made him joyous. He loved journeys, more so when he was alone. However this journey was going to be a bit different. His books and him were going to be separated.

Can you please let me know the exact time?

A sunshine face looked upon on Rishi as he moved his head up from his novel.

I need to fix my cellphone up. It is not showing the correct time.

"Sure, here it is!", said Rishi as he handed over his cellphone to the girl.

As the train caught up momentum, so did Rishi and the girl; smooth as silk. Soon there were intermittent giggles, and of course a few bursts of laughter too. That was one fine thing about Rishi. He was simple yet quick witted and humorous. You won't even know when you'd fall for him. A praiseworthy balance which was not only admirable but enviable at times.


His client meeting was underway. For the first time in years he wasn't carrying a cellphone to the meeting. Jeet went about his job with inexplicable ease. That's what he was good at. Delivering when it mattered. His professional life was well ahead course!


He thought of calling Krish and letting him know that he won't be able to make it. That act commanded strength Arjun was deficient of. He had got off the laptop but the other dominating gadget in his life had kept him pre-occupied. For some strange reason, he liked reading previous chats saved in his phone. He just liked it. Krish and Arjun were close and perhaps one would understand the other but Arjun knew this phase of life was less about expecting and more about giving.


He was unaware that Rishi was on his way. A happiness was in store beyond the darkness that was hovering over the recent few days. He looked at the moon, that gave him peace. He was happy about the engagement but did not have people to share it with. The moon gave him assurance that things will be fine again.


Four lives were coupled in a very strange way where a movement clockwise was forcing another anti-clockwise. While Rishi was on his way to recreate old moments, Arjun's dilemma had become multi-storeyed.

That old college night when four of them made promises of staying in touch always was in front of each of them in some form or the other. It was a terrace then that heard boisterous laughter, it is a terrace now that is appreciating silence.

to be continued...


  1. ......it was a terrace then that heard boisterous laughter, it is a terrace now that is appreciating the silence.

    Very well said!!!:-):-)

  2. And it keeps building up..
    Still thinking why don't Arjun and Jeet want to attend..did something happen in the past??

    Good read as always :)

    Take care

  3. Fatima: Soon everything will start making sense. Enjoy till it doesn't! :)

    Himanshu: Pleasure, thankyou! :)

  4. This is good. Rishi and a girl and other characters.. on to next!

  5. How things change. It's difficult to keep touch with life moving ahead.


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