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#6 Decisions made, choices not

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Rishi and Krish read through Arjun's mail multiple times. Krish couldn't make himself believe his best friend wasn't coming for his engagement. Times had changed. Rishi knew it oh-so well. 
They did not utter a word, just blankly stared at the screen and at all the ephemerals around them. They did not meet up at the terrace that day. Silence was understood and respected.
Rishi and Krish were in adjacent rooms, awake and thinking of the same thing. Rishi left a couple of messages for Arjun too.

Two rooms lit by a table lamp and two guys getting themselves to learn about a pace that life develops and a race that everyone eventually participates in.

Krish's engagement was a week away. The next few days were going to be busy, hectic and full of rituals. He hadn't heard from Jeet recently. He was starting to have qualms about Jeet's arrival too.


He wasn't going back to India!
He had made up his mind, not with much conviction though. He wanted to meet people he had left behind three years back. He called up at his home. Disconnected.

Dialled again. The phone was answered.


Hello... Ma.


The dam gates were let open as tears rolled down from both ends of the telephone line. Jeet was speaking to his mother for the first time in last three years.

That was the only conversation that happened. Jeet disconnected. Telepathy had happened. The barrier that had got erected was broken. His heart was melting, his mind thinking about a decision to overturn.

A decision was yet to be made, a flight was yet to be booked, a wait was yet to sustain.


Something felt heavy inside his heart after he sent the mail which bombed on Krish. Arjun pondered over the choice he made. He wasn't one of those who would think too much about his actions. He wanted something from life and he knew it wasn't going to come easy.

I'll make it to his marriage, engagement, well, let it be!

He thought aloud, clear and succinct!

He was in a fix. You could sense it, you could see it. Arjun wasn't alright. One of his hands stroking his chin, the other one on the back of the head as he lied on the reclining chair by the poolside staring into the night sky.

There is a silence during night which can take away your loneliness and give your share of wisdom. Though Arjun's decision was made, his choice wasn't!

Next couple of weeks were going to be big, very big for his firm and for himself. Arjun was to travel!


Life's an act of balancing. Don't be overcautious, don't over-try.
By the time you would understand it, you'll have gone past your time.

to be continued.....


  1. your words are just like a smooth stroke by a painter....very soothing
    The best thing about your writing is....that it always connects with the reader.
    You're beautiful writer.. :)

  2. That makes my day. Thank you very much.

  3. Hi Animesh,

    I decided to read from the start and it was worth it. You sure have kept up and honed your story writing, drawing trajectories as 4 lives spiral around each other, each different, and yet connected.

    Keep up the good work!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Hi Anshul

    Thank you very much. I'm so glad to have you here after so long.
    I'll try and keep up the work!


  5. Now I have to make it to 11 as fast as possible!

  6. Finally breaking the inhibitions.


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