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#7 Lives were un-spiraling

It is always good to glance through what has been happening till now to get hands on with what is going to happen next. The previous parts to this story are linked here:

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With Krish being the centre of most of the rituals, Rishi had lone time to spare. Though on most occasions he liked to keep himself busy by helping around.

"Come Rishi let's go to Krish's room. I need to find something.", remarked Kriti as she pulled Rishi by his hand. Rishi had no option but to go with the flow as they climbed upstairs to Krish's room. Krish's drinking partner when he felt lonely but didn't want solitude, Kriti was Krish's childhood friend and knew Krish's comrades as well as anyone else.

Kriti slammed the door open as Rishi followed inside. She knew exactly which thing was where and started her search. The problem with Rishi was that he was an avid observer. And the fact that it came naturally to him. Kriti was a simple and extremely sweet girl. One whom your parents would always like and probably your friends too. She could dress up beautiful and dress down hot.

Rishi however observed more. He had enough experience in that domain to conclude that Kriti's fanatic search had less the element of urgency. Rishi could have confronted and asked her "What's wrong" and she couldn't have invalidated it. But Rishi left that for some other time. Rishi anyways wasn't one of those who would not care about making you uncomfortable for getting out the truth.


Arjun looked up his calendar as he booked his flight tickets to India. It was going to be a 3 week long project and Arjun being the lead had to stay there during the course. Though Arjun thought that he would probably sneak in as a surprise at Krish's marriage but little did he knew that bigger surprises were waiting for him in India.

After numerous negaotiations and multiple communication, Arjun was decided to be the most capable person to lead a high on risk and high on confidentiality project, so much so, that Arjun's travel was also to be kept a secret.
A Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) deal, by its very nature is supposed to be very private.


He had spoken to his family for the first time in three years. He had decided to go to India for his best friend's engagement. Life was un-spiraling for Jeet. For the first time in years, his work-out partners had noticed a happy man working out rather than a man who was always out to have the world at his feet. His parents however were content with listening to their son's voice after three years. They were not expecting him to arrive at Krish's engagement anyway!

Jeet was at work, engrossed as ever when his phone's notification lights indicated of Rishi remembering him. Though on any other day, Jeet would have given the call a miss, but that day he answered.


Their lives were starting to un-spiral. But is it all that smooth!
True, a rainbow is formed as heavens rain and the sun shines. I see a hover of dark clouds but only a storm could give rise to a clear sky.

to be continued........


  1. Really i love your work bhai... Keep it up ^_^

  2. Uff.. Rishi and Kriti (She knows what to do), Arjun is coming now.. good.. though confidential :P Jeet? On to next :)

  3. I liked the line where you compared Kriti sensuality and simplicity.


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