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#8 And the circle is reducing...

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Arjun opened his mailbox to a flurry of confidential mails, the last of which summoned him to a conference room. He did as per the commandment. Little did he knew that terms and conditions of his travel were to be made known to him, on a specific note this time.

He entered the room to the presence of very critical members of the organization. The meeting saw the well dignified guys flex their heads. Many issues were discussed and towards the wee hours of the rendezvous, Arjun learned about the intricate details about his odyssey to India.

He was a tad disappointed. His plans to surprisingly sneak into Krish's engagement were taking a dig into a marshy ditch. The meeting was over and everybody dispersed leaving Arjun stroll back to his cabin with utmost pensiveness.

Arjun was to fly that evening. Krish was to get hitched in 5 days.


Jeet picked up Rishi's call. Rishi generally had an ease in his voice which would placate the angriest of souls. Jeet could sense the miss. Though Rishi only inquired about his arrival which he was unsure of, but there was more to it than being just a normal whereabouts phone call.

Jeet was flying to India the next day. Rishi hadn't informed Krish about this yet.
Enigma has a charm that no one relishes to unleash. It's a delight if you unfold precariously.

While back home, Rishi was left to the company of Kriti for a major part of the day. They had started interacting more since Krish used to be busy. Rishi asked her for a beer at the terrace in the backdrop of a soulful night and she couldn't disagree.

So, they were up there drinking. To an onlooker it would contrastingly appear that silence was being dished out. Unspoken words were being heard, acknowledged and respected. The hue of the night and the sound of the breeze making a hissing sound flew past the ear. It was magic.

Once in a while they deftly touched their bottles and it was falling in line with the rhythm of the natural hypnotic orchestra. Once in a while, they also chanced glances at each other. Sometimes they caught each others eye, at others, they didn't.

They never spoke about Kriti's fanatic search that enveloped something else that fell in the realms of anthropology. But one thing is for certain, when two individuals warm the terrace sill sharing a silent compassion for each other, memories are carved and moments are registered.


Sky meeting the land is apparent but an ocean meeting a desert defiantly challenges the boundary of realism. But miracles do happen. They are amongst us, only if we have an eye that beats the hawk's and a desire that constantly ignites the fire.

As the circle engulfing these lives starts to reduce it's radius, will it manage to not let tangential movements off?
I'll wait to see!

to be continued....


  1. going great..waiting for the next part :)

  2. Ocean meeting a desert!!! Inspirations from everything u see, right?:-)

  3. @Simran: Thanks! :)
    @Rochak: That's just it! :)

  4. Oh boy! What a beer night! :) Liked it :)


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