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When Journey Meant More Than Destination

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For the past 10 months, I had been roaming around the city which I intruded into, in search of a job. Without much success, rather without any success and a growing feeling of helplessness and devoid of any relative here, my worst fears were coming true. According to the meteorological department, monsoons were going to hit soon and it was going to be disastrous this time. The lease for my home was about to get over in a month and arranging for enough money to get the lease renewed was a major roadblock.

The meteorological department was wrong yet again. Monsoons arrived pre-mature to their forecast. And that was some rain! It rained like it was the last time. The subsequent days followed the same pattern. My quest for a job was hindered as I could not gather any courage to move out in such a scenario. After having waited for a week, I decided to set out for a task to be accomplished. Not because I was fed up (I somehow never felt guilty of anything, though I wish I did, sometimes!!) but because I saw a small window of hope. My interview was the next day, but since that place was outside the city and with rain gods being so hostile, I thought it was better to start a day before.

I had no idea of my means of commuting after I cross the city. By evening, I was completely drenched in rain, I barely had any food, not many restaurants were willing to tone down their charges. The hailstorm, the rain had finally given a breather to the city. Even God needed rest!

I was contended that the weather conditions could not get the better of me. But just by my outlook, even a blind person could interpret that all was not well. She was not blind though and I could judge that by the way she looked at me and offered water to me.

"I have had enough of it ma'am, I have absorbed a lot of it throughout my journey", I said, though I doubt if she really understood my stupid and lame sense of humour. She realized that I needed to calm down and be in an aura of sanity. She must have been right there with me. I still wonder how the blink of an eye could turn an evening into night. Perhaps, I had fallen unconscious. I finally had someone to talk to who did not appear to take advantage of me. She advised me not to travel in the night but leave with the first rays of the morning.
I had known by then that conveyance won't be available and I would have to on-foot the entire journey.

She had to travel towards the city, so the first rays of morning meant departure from a genuinely caring person I had met in a long long time. And I can say that because she had the heart to share the inadequate amount of food and money she had with her.

Though that too was a sleepless night eventually, but unlike the past ones, it was not a haunting one! I don't remember after how long did I share a smile and enjoy a laughter. She too was alone. When one is willing to share the only belongings they have, they are sharing a piece of their heart. They need company, not because they cannot be independent but because a smile from a stranger is sometimes all you need to get up and carry on again.

Finally, the first rays of the dawn did hit. We hugged each other before we took our ways. With each step forward, it was taking me away from her and closer to my destination. I felt the struggle had started the moment we departed. I was loosing the conviction to move forward. I stood there with my arms stretched out as if asking for help, helplessly! But I knew it was only me who was to make a decision there. Having closed my eyes, I thought of all the lessons I have ever learnt in life.

I wondered, do I really want my destination? Or, was the journey more beautiful. Is moving forward the way to go, or going back is the new keyword? I took out a coin and tossed it up in the air. While the coin was still in the air, I knew what my heart hoped for!
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