A world waiting to be explored

"There was a sense of urgency in his voice, an air of emergency that could be felt, an effort that was more often than not unsuccessful yet a-larger-than world spirit."

"He was trying to figure out what all was there in the room, he would go to the window and then walk back slowly to his bed and keep murmuring something or the other."

"He would look at us and smile quite often and say things that were so inappropriate at times, and would leave him embarrassed, yet he won't mind next time and still try to get maximum things right."

As all the questioning was over, Lady Christina asked why all of it was required. The magazine columnist said that we need a story for this edition of our magazine. We need something that would increase the popularity of our magazine. And we were looking for something interesting from a lot of days. Thank you mam for your time.

"Would you not like to see them?", said Lady Christina.
"Yeah sure, why not? That would indeed be very nice", the columnist replied.

She took them to the three respective chambers and allowed the cameraperson with the columnist to capture the actions and beahaviour of all the three patients.
As they were observing that, the columnist saw that Lady Christina was moving away and was all in tears. He tried to stop her by calling out her name but she didn't stop.

Amazed and bewildered at that, the columnist approached another lady there and asked what the matter was.
She let them to the lobby and made them sit there. Since, the curiousity of the columnist had reached unimaginable heights by then, he forcefully asked the lady to tell him everything.
The lady said,"Our asylum is the best in the country and it is because of one person that it has reached such heights. It dates back to the time when the city was still developing. This asylum like today then also used to serve to the psychiatric needs of people as well."
She took out a photograph and pointed to a lady in that photo.
"She was the owner,Mrs. Ashtrell, the one who started this asylum, the one because of whom our town despite of being a backward one saw a huge inflow of big businessman and industrialists. She had everything, a flourishing asylum, a very loving husband and three kids. The only curse in her life was that her kids weren't as lucky as everyone else was. One of them was dumb, the second one was blind and mentally unstable and the third one was deaf. One day her husband and the three kids were out for a drive. As a father, he had to take care of the mentally unstable kid of his as well. Be it his misfortune, or may be the destiny, the car bumped into a guy resulting in instant death. That guy was from the minority group of the country. Since, this town was very narrow minded and backward in approach and thinking, the minority community beated the husband of Lady Christina till death. The kids being just 6 years old couldn't handle the mental trauma and all the three lost their mental balance"

The columnist asked,"What happened to Mrs. Ashtrell after that?"
The lady said,"She kept her three kids in the three chambers you just saw. Yes, those three are the three kids of Mrs. Christina Ashtrell or Lady Christina".

Memories down the lane.......

As he signed the document, he had a sigh of relief. Finally, the task was accomplished. The company he was trying to strike a deal with, finally signed a multi-million dollar deal with his company.
Kanuj got back from his chair and sunk into the couch at the window-side, inside his cabin. He was finally relaxed after an year of exhaustive analysis, research and hard work. He had some sort of mental peace finally.
He closed his eyes, as he was often used to doing. He started to think of what all went into this deal when suddenly his nap was broken by a laughter, which could be heard from the cafeteria nearby. There was a group of college students talking, laughing and giggling together.
He observed them for a while and could see his college buddies in them.

They fought over that one last piece of pizza left on the table. They fought for who'll pay the bills. They were laughing out on someone. They were making fun. One of the girls out there stood up and went after the other guy to hit him. Some of them was busy eating. While some of them went to order for more dishes. The rest left on the table were talking about planning a trip to somewhere, who would convince whose parents, what to tell the parents. They had all the topics in the world, right from discussing about the latest movie release to the latest message that they received. Right from what was displayed on the daily soap last night to who is going out with whom.

"I am feeling cold !!"  "I am feeling cold !!"  "I am feeling cold !!"

The showpiece in Kanuj's hand started to ring and repeatedly uttering this. It was basically a gift that was gifted to him on his last birthday during college days. And whenever a drop of water fell on its sensors, it used to put out an alarm which used to say that.

Kanuj wiped off his tears, and on introspection, he realized, now he did not got up on a Friday expecting a movie release, he was not in a "vicious" circle of messaging everyone, he hasn't heard of a link up for a long long time, he did not know what was being displayed on the T.V.

He knew something. His heart uttered in sheer silence...

Years pass, we let days go by,
sitting in an office cabin, our hearts may cry,
we had a choice, we chose listening to the brain,
today we have made a living, but only have memories down the lane.........

give life time...!!!!

I have seen destiny do the trick for those who did not deserve. I have seen wonders happening to people who never really required that. I have seen it raining on a dry field and I have seen droughts when it needed some moisture.
I prayed when it asked me to work, and I screamed when it required me to keep my cool. I ran when it asked me to walk and I swayed away when it required me to be the cog of the wheel.

Yes, quite often we do things that are just the opposite of what is required and believe it or not, most of the times, we get away with it.
Imagine, your lab file was unchecked and on the final day of submission, you signed it yourself and yet got away with it.
Imagine, your car bumped into a cycle rider, and got away without any major monetary shed.
Imagine, you got late for an important test by more than an hour and yet nothing went wrong, and once again you got away.

These are the small things that we all might have experienced at some point of time or the other. I myself have experienced all of them. The reason that I have re-iterated these instances is to form ground for the fact that there are things in life we do wrongly and yet get away. These small things are the ones which can ruin our day to say the least if somehow, this getting away would not have happened.

To sit back and mourn on things that did not went the favorable way is easy, perhaps more than half of the world is busy doing that. The road less taken lies somewhere else. When you encounter something obnoxious, just ask yourself one simple question

When was the last time I faced such a situation ?
if you can memorize an instant after which nothing good has happened till now, then I feel that you do not value your life. Perhaps, you do not have the time to sit back, relax, review and thank god for what you have been blessed with. 

Just how days and nights are inter-twined, the same way sorrows and joys also are !!!
give life time...!!!!

Clouds Always Have A Silver Lining !!

Looking up into the sky, a tear rolled down my cheeks, and went past a streak of lightning through the clouds. I wanted to seclude myself, my dream was broken to pieces, so was my heart.
I was looking at the dark clouds that alluded possibility of a heavy shower. As it often happens, I started to observe the moving of the clouds and forgot what presumptuously had preoccupied my mind that day.

Whatever happened in the due course of the day isn't consequential but something surely was.
Yes, the sufferings were there, but a lesson was learnt,
Yes, a heart-break happened, but ashes of agony were burnt,
Yes, a dream went unfulfilled, but the heart strongly bore the brunt,
Yes, the getting up was difficult, but this child grew up, stood willing and not blunt.

That day those clouds made me realize the all important axiom regarding life. The clouds are always going to hover over us, its just the silver linings that we need to focus on..!!!!
And yes....

Clouds Always Have A Silver Lining !!

Why? What? And When ?

Ever thought what rules our life ? Why do we take a certain course of action ? When was the last time we felt satisfied ?

In fact, at all times, our lives linger around finding answers to what ? why ? and when ?
A child usually thinks WHEN will he grow up ? A teenager usually thinks WHY he has to answer all that his parents ask him ? A middle aged person often wonders WHAT else needs to be done for a better living ?

Through out our lives, there is a persistent call inside us that prompts us to question. Ever wondered why do we have so many unsolved things all around us. When we so often ask questions, then why doesn't queries around us not get solved. 
I feel two reasons are there. Firstly, we do not let our questioning self to flow profoundly, and sadly this being the most insidious of human tragedies. Secondly, our questions aren't directed. Most of the times we question about trifling matters, but when it comes to question the traditionally followed things, we loose track. 

A teenager will always question him/her being intrigued on personal matters by parents but will never spare a thought as to WHEN was the last time he understood his parents' concern rightly ?
A middle aged office going person will always question his low salary but will never oblige his mind to thinking WHY do police officers at the traffic signal is bribed ?
A senior citizen will question the governments' way of working but will never prompt his mind to think WHAT difference it will make if he goes to vote ?

If we can focus our questions rightly and tap the unharnessed market of our brain, a great era is in the making.
And easier said than done but,

Life will never be the same once you choose to live it in a different way, try to think differently, keep tackling things as they come along and lastly enjoy it along because.........

The things granted once are some what important...!!!!!
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