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We are always one desire Short!

At the most what we would be able to achieve would be one less than what we desire ultimately. Interestingly, this holds true universally and this is what keeps us going, isn't it?
Always striving for that one thing that we are devoid of currently and rather not enjoying the things that we now possess but once aspired. Well! As to what I could understand over these 22 years is that there will always be something running against you that would earn you an inferiority complex. This is where it is co crucial to have your own perspective, have a clear thought process and define what that ultimate happiness is for you because when God designed this concept of life, He made sure that it remains challenging!

What is rather more startling is that most of us must be knowing this at the back end of our mind yet fail big time when it comes to practical application. Retrospection tells us a lot of things, gives us a lot of fodder for thought but then, at the end of the day it is that one desire we are "short of" that fuels us to carry on and carry against life, hoping that we one day achieve everything we desire. Hah! Virtually impossible, if thought sensibly!

Life moves on, so do we. Our ultimate desires keep changing. Just to re-assert this fact, think of what we aspired to be when we were a kid, and what we are now. Both of them being in complete resonance is a rarity. If we have shuffled from our childhood desires, then going by the theory History repeats itself, I guess we would again do!
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