A world waiting to be explored

From the eyes of an introvert

I gestured towards her to lower the pitch as she entered the library. She bit her tongue as realization dawned upon her. She mocked a thank you. I smiled and returned to reading my favourite author, Mitch Albom. From the corner of my eye, I saw her disappearing to the other corner. One could see the lapses in concentration of a voracious reader. Her voice loomed large on me as I learned she is again in vicinity. I looked up to steal a glance. She was at the counter, issuing a book which was hard bound in maroon. It looked like a course book. The cooler nearby blew her air for the little time she undid her bun. That sight nearly killed me.

The Push we need...


I know not the rules but I'll play the game being pushed against the walls and the cuboid converging with each passing second. But you know what is the most fantastic thing about this game?

Everyone has to play it.

It tries, tests, suffocates, blows you off but doesn't kill you. And that is something scary.
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