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Part 3: The e-mail that coupled lives

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"How do you intend to do this, Rahul?"

"I am coming near your place, you come to your terrace, we will move further from there. Uncle and Aunty might have slept by now, and by the time they wake up, you will be back, its just a matter of 4 hours, perhaps even less. What say?"

"Text me when you reach the terrace."

"I won't, I'll help you get down from there through the adjoining tree"


"Yes Isha!"

"Are you mad, is this possible?"

"I am reaching there, make it quick. See you there."

They disconnect the call.


Sameer was dazzled by what he had read. He was going through mixed emotions, did not know what to do. By the time he ended it, he was dying for water, dying for breath. He was too scared, or may be too shocked to say anything, not even too himself. 

Sameer, by virtue of his hacking skills had hacked into Rajiv's account. Rajiv, the manager of the company. Rajiv's mailbox was right there, open in front of Sameer. He had all the access in the world. 

There is a time in our lives when the evil side of our mind dominates profoundly over the good moral side. Sameer was getting attracted time and again to reading those mails. One of the mails whose subject line read as Re: Important!! prompted him. Sameer drew closer to the mail.

Re: Important!!

Since you have made a commitment earlier, you can't back out now. After repeated telephonic and video conferences, a consensus was reached. We want it to be finalized as soon as possible. If we come to know that you are planning to act cleverly, you will not find yourself in the best of health and happiness. There are people in your company who are my eyes, keeping a close watch on you. This deal stands at Rs. 20 crores now. You sell your company, and that space is ours. We don't care about your employees. It's just a bit too late for any negotiations and refusal. And you better not tell about this to anyone, and mind one thing. Even walls have ears.

Sameer looked around to see if there was anyone tracking him. No one was there. He thought of telling Rahul. But wait, where was his phone. He had switched it off, and then forgot where he had kept it. It was too dark, and only the light of the screen was there, whose brightness Sameer reduced to the minimum. He was scared to switch on the lights, as he now knew that there are people in the office who might just want to get Sameer off it.

to be continued.....

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Part 2: Rush of emotions, untold

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"It's about Sameer, Isha."

"What happened to him? Is he ok?"


Sameer switched off his cellphone. For some reasons he wanted solitude for the night in action. He was amazed by the amount of knowledge he had unknowingly developed in this field. Though he was always passionate about it but never pursued it to this extent.

May be the effect of the night, or an evil intent in a vacant mind, whatever it was, it surely wasn't worth digging any further. He was dismissing every thought which told him to behave in a sane manner. Probably, he had lost it, his conscience.

His computer screen was yielding to his wishes, it appeared. And then it happened. His eyes were wide open. He was taken aback by what he was witnessing.

He read it, and via the hyperlinks in the text, he excavated more and more into the matter. It was all happening too fast. He did not realize perhaps, he was sweating, he was perplexed by what he saw, dazzled by what he read.

Back to the present

"Yes, he is. I mean no", he thought. Perhaps, too scared, or too cautious to say anything. He feared being overheard. 

"Rahul, are you there???"

"Yes. Isha, by any means, can you come here? I know its ridiculous to ask this from you, but...."

"Rahul, calm down dear. 
At this time, Ma and Pa will surely not allow me. What will I say?"

"We can do one thing."

"Rahul, are you serious??"

"Yes, we will have to do it. Please."

to be continued.......

find the next part here -> Part 3: The e-mail that coupled lives

Part 1: Darkness: unseen, or foreseen?

It was going to be critical, he knew it. He felt like taking the risk. For some reason, he, for the first time was listening to his heart than his mind. 4 hours was the time span he had to do it in.


Sameer works in a large multinational company. The company is basically a software company, and owing to his avid interest in software, and hacking particularly, he loved working there. One night, it got a bit too late for him to depart as his home was far away from the office. So, Sameer decided to stay back till morning in the office, and leave in the morning. He was done with the assignment he was provided with.

Over the years, Sameer learnt a lot about hacking, and its advantages, and was too keen to practically witness his learning. He got started with his stuff. 

His eagerness, and excitement grew in direct proportion to the darkness of the night. He did not realize when his willingness was turning evil.

Back to the present

4 hours were counting down on him. He was tensed, he knew Sameer wasn't wrong intentionally, or he still isn't, for that matter. But the matter had become far too severe and critical now. Tensed like he never had been, he thought of calling Isha, one whom he used to fall back to always.

He took out his cellphone, dialled Isha's number. He disconnected, perhaps, before it could even connect. He was panicking. He dialled again.

"Hey Isha!!"

"Where have you been, idiot, I have been trying your number for long now, you don't bother to call back?", Isha said, unaware of all the happenings.

Rahul paused for a while. Isha, being too close a friend sensed the silence.

"Rahul, what happened?"

"It's serious. It really is."

to be continued..........

The photo frame...

*This post is not about me*
*Its entirely fictitious*
Enjoy reading :)

There was something so peculiar about it that I could not get my eyes off it once I chose to look at it for a very small while. It had something captivating, or so I felt. I remember now, it was a gift, an old gift, a cherishable one, a beautiful one. It had a story tagged to it; I so much remember everything now. It was gifted by a college friend. And today when I’m looking at it, all the memories come back flooding. I feel so overwhelmed by the moment. But at the same time, I feel trapped, trapped because I am getting deluged into a marshy land of emotions and feelings; I seem to have fallen deep down the memory lane.
The picture in the photo frame caught me in its trap. It reminded me of all the beautiful memories of my life, my college life. It was after college ended that I realized what I had lost. I so much want to attend lectures today, but I CAN’T!!
I can feel the sadness that is creeping in slowly, and how amazing it is that one picture can take you back to a different world, a world when there weren’t many tensions in life, where enjoyment meant enjoyment, where a mass bunk would bring tremendous joy, where exam preparations were more fun than the exams. Just a random click on a very normal day would later bring tears in eyes and a smile on my face, I had never thought!
I now remember the day the picture in the photo frame was clicked, it was a random click. The occasion was birthday of a very dear friend of mine, and while all of us were busy applying cake on the face of the birthday boy, this click was clicked.
Today when I look at this photo, I feel guilty, feel guilty of not being in touch with them, with my college mates who made me realize life is beautiful and we are stronger than we seem and better than we think. I feel guilty of not going that extra mile to make an effort to stay in touch. I just let it be, I let situations and circumstances take control of me. I feel guilty for succumbing to the proceedings of life. I feel guilty of following the school of thought that says, “Everyone gets busy in the routine life and friends are merely chapters in the book called Life”.
But the photo frame and the picture has re-iterated the fact that if you want something to stay with you forever, you need to take the first step, the second and so on, while the number of steps taken by you depends on how badly you want to be glued to those things/people.
I feel light-hearted now having penned down everything I felt straight from the heart. Hoping that life would give me a breather for some time, I set out my journey to find those good old moments which can only be procured from the good old treasure I found years back, FRIENDS!

P.S: This post was written by me for The Viewspaper. You can also find this post here.

Some lesser known facts about me..

After going through a few blogs, and coming across a few writers, I observed that these kind of posts are a sort of  must-have. And they make up for interesting reads as well. More important is the fact that you have to self introspect yourself when you decide to write one as such. Though, this is an inspiration-driven post but not a replica of the ones I have driven inspiration from.

So, here is a list, it might include anything random from my introspection about myself to some aspirations of mine.

1. Since, I have grown up in a nation where cricket is a religion and cricketers are worshipped, it is a no-brainer that I also wanted to be a cricketer. 

2. When I was around 9, I along with my 3 kins, used to play a game which I so dearly remember. I don't remember its origin, but it was some fighting related game. We played it with zeal and enthusiasm. We thought of converting it into a T.V show, my character was named Sahil. I miss that time, and I love the game. Yes, I still do.

3. During  my school days, I, once showed my English answer sheet to my parents. I had written an essay. My dad read it and said to my mom, "He writes well." I guess I was 10 years old then. Just want to say, Love you Papa, I still remember those lines, and if I pursue writing so lovingly, it has all been because you gave me the start I required.

4. When in school, I once scored a 3 out of 60 in maths. Damn, I was scared of telling it to my parents.! 
Important thing: They still don't know about it. 

5. 21 years old now, I still play imaginary games at home, and I love them.

6. I, along with 2 college friends of mine, thought of making a movie about ourselves. We thought of the story,  thought of the plot, but could not pursue it further. I regret leaving it mid way. I was in awe of the story and the ideas, I am still awed!!

7. I wish to visit my teachers, my mentors who taught me for engineering entrance examinations, because of whose efforts, I am where I am. I haven't met them for long now. Sir, I miss both of you, and I miss those classes, those doubt sessions, those tests, I miss the time spent at Aryan Classes. Your words still echo in my mind and in my ears. I'll visit you soon, I am just waiting for the moment when I would be able to stand in front of you and see the pride in your eyes and in mine too.

8. During my school days, I once stole my friend's maths notebook, just to make paper planes and other uniquely creative things out of its' pages. I also once stole a chocolate from his bag. C'mon, it was all out of innocence.

9. Hoping that I am someday able to make this come true, I wish to write a book.

10. I'll make YOU proud one day.
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