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And the 20th bottle of beer was down!

That had to be the most craziest of the nights. They were partying like there was going to be no tomorrow. One of them was going to get married soon, to his long time lover. So, they decided to live their college days once again.


"Come on dude! You got to manage this, it is Aman's bachelor trip. All of us haven't met together since college. It has been 5 years man. Please make it. Call back when you get the voice mail."

I don't think he'll be able to manage it. Life of an investment banker isn't easy. You get loads of money but have no life!

Ahh, not that we have an option anyways, we have to make sure that everyone tries and makes it. Lets call up the other guys.


"Guys, I would try my best. Can't assure much though. Please go ahead and make the plan, let's make Aman have the time of his life."

"I am sorry but something really urgent has come up at work. There is some glitches in our systems that we need to sort out. I feel pathetic to be at such a responsible position but don't think I will able to manage."

"Hey guys, I have not been able to get the flight bookings done yet. I'll be booking them today in the evening. I won't be able to be present for the entire week. I shall be leaving mid way but lets rock it whatever time we get."

"Hey guys, something urgent! Can we have a call? It is about Aman's bachelors!"

These are the replies we have. I told you brother organizing this bachelors and having all 7 of us together would not be possible. I don't think 7 days would be possible and even if we cut on the days, there is no assurance that all of us would make it.

I know. What can we do, lets not fiddle with the dates because the more we postpone it, the more unrealistic it would keep becoming. Lets tell Aman that the bachelors in On.


7 more beers please!

Ohh God, those were the days. College was life. You know guys I must confess that I had absolutely no life after that. Corporate was some stuff in the beginning but I soon realized that the fun went missing. This trip was so necessary.


To be honest I never thought this trip would be possible. All of us were so hooked up in our lives. I am glad we took out time and manged it.

Cheers for Aman!!

Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

Confessions after confessions kept on coming. While some of them were obvious, some of them took them off like a cyclone. And then the next course of action was being decided.

7 totally drunk guys making a list of shady things to do. Philosophy intoxicated with alcohol has an effect that is mesmerizing and laughter-inducive to the viewer. It exemplified that precisely.

5 and a half years it had been since college, scenarios changed so did people around them, cities changed and so did the cultures around them but what did not change was the friendship they once carved years back.

They had a deal amongst themselves that whoever gets married will have to do one thing suggested by each one of them on the bachelors party. It was Aman's turn to tick the tasks on the list presented to him. The crazy celebrations were on their way!

The list was made after a lot of discussions amongst the rest and no matter how badly Aman wanted to refuse but a deal done was a promise made!

Like all good things the trip also came to an end but they made sure that the stuff they did would not be discussed again. They lived the time of their lives before their other commitments called out for priority. A hug in the end, those glittering eyes and a smile on the faces were a reassurance of the fact that life is not counted by years but by moments because when days will pass and years will go by all we would remember is we chose listening to the heart, hence created memories down the lane.

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Life smiled back at them..

Five of them!

It was a crazy night, rather they made it one. The next day was their last college exam. All of them were well placed in envious organizations already. Effectively, they had nothing to lose. Four years of engineering had clearly taken a toll on each one of them. So, they decided to prepare like they never did.

They had been staying together for the last semester exams. Five of them in one hostel room!
They thankfully had prepared sufficiently for the first two exams but this last one, they knew was the last time they were studying together. It was supposed to be in afternoon the next day. And that meant, they had only one night to prepare.

An intense discussion was on as one of them saw the hourglass emptied.

Damn! It's past 8 pm guys. One more session of this discussion and then we will study. Ok?

"Yes!", everyone claimed in unison as he turned the hourglass and everything carried on rhythmically.

They did not realize that they haven't yet checked out how much they had to prepare, or rather they chose to overlook that; the discussion at hand was of utmost interest.

"Would you marry a girl knowing that she isn't a virgin?"

It is a special power that people have. They are never short of topics during exams.

"Lets head out for dinner", said one of them pointing to the hourglass which, to everyone's surprise was empty in what-they-felt no time. Everyone agreed. Though they had the option of eating in the mess but that would fly out of equation since two of them were not hostelers. 

As they moved out of the room, they ran downstairs, each of them announcing that they would drive the car. It was a long journey from third floor to the hostel parking. The one who owned the car never had the keys. Interestingly, he would be the only one who would be vouching the least to drive the car. Having not realized that they have spent 20 minutes taking each other's case and deciding who is finally driving, what they realized was that they forgot to lock their hostel room!

Another discussion concerning who takes on the uphill journey and accomplish the task, followed. Finally two of them agreed, they supposedly had a realization that they were wasting time. 

Maruti 800 was the coveted car. For some reason, each one of them were emotional about the car too. To put it plain and simple, they just loved it. Soon, they were at their dining place, which was a restaurant with no seating facility and their favourite dish not available. They started to search for options. Some were too costly for their budget and for others, the five of them did not agree mutually. They finally had to settle for the cheapest majority-agreed option.

Shall we move to the hostel? I haven't read a word. I am gonna fail tomorrow.

Yes, bastard you were gonna fail in Digital Circuits too, where you ended up scoring 16 on 20. We are gonna play pool now. What say?

Three of them agreed instantly as the other two frowned. For the good or for the bad, the decision was made. They headed towards the pool club.

Table for 1 and half hours.

Yeah Yeah, you guys play your heart out today and bleed tomorrow afternoon.

Sit down and study, I guess you've got those notes here. Don't ruin the night. We know we're gonna pass anyway.

All of them smiled silently as if truth had been spoken. They felt a sense of superior air around them.

One and a half hours passed and the return drive was underway. As they entered the college gate, the car was turned towards the ground.

What now?

Basketball court, baby! Lets have some fun, I am sure no one is in the mood to study at the moment. Sleep is embracing me, I need some time out. Everyone with me?

A silence meant plan was on. One hour passed by and each one of them was unanimous about kick-starting study for the night. By the time they reached the room, it was 1.30 am already. One of them walked up straight to the hourglass and turned it upside down. That gesture meant it was time for one hour of senseless yet unavoidable discussion.

What's going on dude? Ananya seems to be all over you these days. Farewell day gonna see some proposal.

Laughter cheered past the silence on the third floor as the next three hours saw instances of some great one liners, undying hysterical outbursts along with tremendous weather. While pages of their books remain unturned, they scripted experiences in their journey of life. The night moved on as each of them left it to the morning and dozed off.

Making their last exam together memorable was just a reason, I am sure that they have many tests to endure together. They laughed and giggled and life, well, it just smiled back at them!

Papa, you are my Hero

I don't know how to start this post. Going through a Facebook post about Father's Day, I really got emotional and thought that I would just write my heart out. Well, I am really clueless how to go about this.
Ok, to start off, let me share a small story.

It was a science class where there needed to be a lot of diagrams and the homework only meant making those horrifying diagrams in the most beautiful manner. That kid would always have the best diagrams made. His classmates used to tease him saying that those diagrams being the best do not hold much relevance as they aren't made by him but his father, which as a matter of fact were all true. On repeated poking like such, the child gave in one day. He got back home and cried endlessly. On being inquired by his father he narrated the entire incident.

His father then took out a register and then took up a very complicated diagram. He asked the child to come up and the illustrated a step-by-step procedure of drawing the complex stuff. The child was amazed at the simplicity with which the entire thing was being played in front of him by his father. He did what was best possible, followed his Dad. SUCCESS it was!

Yes, the kid was me and the 'hero' was my Dad. I was happy and he was happier.
I can recall my Dad once saying to my Mom after reading an essay of mine, "He writes well."
I have not forgotten those words Papa, and see here I am owning a blog, penning down for online newspapers, having scripted more than 100 articles, getting featured at places. This is the kind of impact your words and your silence have on me. I still remember the only few times you have cried in front of me. Without going into details, I would only say that those were the most helpless and the most painful moments of my life.

I still remember those days when you would run hours behind me so that I learn how to ride a bicycle. You played cricket with me and bhai when we felt that there isn't much company to enjoy with. I can recall those broken tube lights, deshaped fan blades, shattered wall clocks, but I can't recall the scoldings, I can only recall the next-time-careful suggestions. That's the kind of person you've always been, spending heartily on your family and always being pivotal in my learning through the passage of life.

I really have no idea how you have managed to be such an ideal parent. Never saying no to any of my wishes and yet making sure that I do not fall into bad habits. Never stopping me from taking the odd risk in life and yet assuring that I never am on the wrong side of the things. And I also know that you have been a great great son. I can say that when I look at your wallet which holds a photograph of your parents. You are really my idol Papa, you are my Hero...

Blank Pages

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Call Summary

We spoke at length, that was a welcome call. We hadn't spoken to each other for quite a while now, it had almost been 3 months. As soon as I put the call down, there was a different feeling. I knew I was missing her despite talking to her for nearly 3 hours. I typed a text message to send it to her.

It is so nice always to speak to you, I had been missing this for so long J

As I was about to send this, my phone beeped. I knew it was going to be her message. After immediately sending my message, I opened the text I had received.

Felt amazing speaking to you after so long, you know what, I was missing this J

We had this strange connection of speaking the same thing at the same time. And though we had broken up some time back, we still had that same connection. We then chatted via sms for hours too. We knew how important we were for each other. Memories came flooding back. Those late night chats during college, enjoyment during fests, awesome trips to hill stations, meeting during exams, discussing life's trivia, everything! It all seemed just there, marching past me.

As we moved from college to corporate, things became a bit different. Differences started to creep in and though there was a feeling of concern always and a connection between hearts persisted, a layer of rust managed to settle. At one point of time, I had to make myself believe that my worst fears had come true. That phase was difficult and kept becoming hostile by the time.

What a turnaround life has been. Once a canvas was painted, today only blank pages to be seen.
I don't know what is going to happen after today's call but when I go to sleep tonight, I would hope that my dreams take me to the world which once existed.... "Jahan meri zindagi mujhse, itni khafa nahi...."

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We are always one desire Short!

At the most what we would be able to achieve would be one less than what we desire ultimately. Interestingly, this holds true universally and this is what keeps us going, isn't it?
Always striving for that one thing that we are devoid of currently and rather not enjoying the things that we now possess but once aspired. Well! As to what I could understand over these 22 years is that there will always be something running against you that would earn you an inferiority complex. This is where it is co crucial to have your own perspective, have a clear thought process and define what that ultimate happiness is for you because when God designed this concept of life, He made sure that it remains challenging!

What is rather more startling is that most of us must be knowing this at the back end of our mind yet fail big time when it comes to practical application. Retrospection tells us a lot of things, gives us a lot of fodder for thought but then, at the end of the day it is that one desire we are "short of" that fuels us to carry on and carry against life, hoping that we one day achieve everything we desire. Hah! Virtually impossible, if thought sensibly!

Life moves on, so do we. Our ultimate desires keep changing. Just to re-assert this fact, think of what we aspired to be when we were a kid, and what we are now. Both of them being in complete resonance is a rarity. If we have shuffled from our childhood desires, then going by the theory History repeats itself, I guess we would again do!

That last night

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She ran away as if wishing to never see me again. I stood there, regretting my decision of waiting to propose her on the farewell night. Perhaps, love doesn't need an occasion, it just happens, no rhyme, no reason, it just happens!

The rain was getting harder by the minute. When everyone was busy clicking pictures and promising to stay in touch, it was time for me to get back to the hostel. Those 20 minutes were the longest 20 minutes I've ever had.   When I let out the emotion I had kept in my heart for the past 4 years, I felt betrayed by hands of fate.

The intensity in the hostel was amazing with loud music being played and plans about going out for the night being made. It was no longer the place I had been living in for the past so many months. Everything about that night seemed different, completely in contrast to how I thought it to be. I looked out from my window and could see the joy and happiness around, which somehow wasn't the case with me.

I could not sleep the entire night. It was around 6 in the morning that I moved out of my room. The hostel was quiet for the first time in the last 24 hours. The emotion of farewell had got to everybody. Now, the very thought of not being able to live in that place, curse the mess food, the hygiene, every possible feeling started to creep in.

Looking down from the third floor, the place we used to play cricket would soon be taken over by our juniors. Those peacocks moving around the hostel will not be the first sights in the morning anywhere. The chirping of birds would never be heard so clearly. That rush to make it to mess timings for meals would not be there. There won't be any queue to have food, neither would anyone steal the sweet dish from your plate. 

It is strange how memories can come flooding to you in a second and leave you in a moment when the last thing you want is solitude!

All this while when I was embraced by the memories I thought I would never cherish, my phone beeped and it was a message from her reading......

I really did not know what to say when you proposed me, so I thought I would just write everything so that you don't misunderstand me. I have kept that piece of paper on the attached to the tree where we met today. Reach there soon, it's really windy out there.

I took off like a guy with tail set on fire, wishing I would also get to meet her one last time. I reached there soon and took the letter.

If the night was not enough, this was another shocker for me.
I looked at rain gods as if hoping for them to masquerade my tears yet again with the raindrops.

The farewell night turned out to be my last meeting with her eventually, leaving some memories to be cherished and a few lessons to be learnt.

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When Journey Meant More Than Destination

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For the past 10 months, I had been roaming around the city which I intruded into, in search of a job. Without much success, rather without any success and a growing feeling of helplessness and devoid of any relative here, my worst fears were coming true. According to the meteorological department, monsoons were going to hit soon and it was going to be disastrous this time. The lease for my home was about to get over in a month and arranging for enough money to get the lease renewed was a major roadblock.

The meteorological department was wrong yet again. Monsoons arrived pre-mature to their forecast. And that was some rain! It rained like it was the last time. The subsequent days followed the same pattern. My quest for a job was hindered as I could not gather any courage to move out in such a scenario. After having waited for a week, I decided to set out for a task to be accomplished. Not because I was fed up (I somehow never felt guilty of anything, though I wish I did, sometimes!!) but because I saw a small window of hope. My interview was the next day, but since that place was outside the city and with rain gods being so hostile, I thought it was better to start a day before.

I had no idea of my means of commuting after I cross the city. By evening, I was completely drenched in rain, I barely had any food, not many restaurants were willing to tone down their charges. The hailstorm, the rain had finally given a breather to the city. Even God needed rest!

I was contended that the weather conditions could not get the better of me. But just by my outlook, even a blind person could interpret that all was not well. She was not blind though and I could judge that by the way she looked at me and offered water to me.

"I have had enough of it ma'am, I have absorbed a lot of it throughout my journey", I said, though I doubt if she really understood my stupid and lame sense of humour. She realized that I needed to calm down and be in an aura of sanity. She must have been right there with me. I still wonder how the blink of an eye could turn an evening into night. Perhaps, I had fallen unconscious. I finally had someone to talk to who did not appear to take advantage of me. She advised me not to travel in the night but leave with the first rays of the morning.
I had known by then that conveyance won't be available and I would have to on-foot the entire journey.

She had to travel towards the city, so the first rays of morning meant departure from a genuinely caring person I had met in a long long time. And I can say that because she had the heart to share the inadequate amount of food and money she had with her.

Though that too was a sleepless night eventually, but unlike the past ones, it was not a haunting one! I don't remember after how long did I share a smile and enjoy a laughter. She too was alone. When one is willing to share the only belongings they have, they are sharing a piece of their heart. They need company, not because they cannot be independent but because a smile from a stranger is sometimes all you need to get up and carry on again.

Finally, the first rays of the dawn did hit. We hugged each other before we took our ways. With each step forward, it was taking me away from her and closer to my destination. I felt the struggle had started the moment we departed. I was loosing the conviction to move forward. I stood there with my arms stretched out as if asking for help, helplessly! But I knew it was only me who was to make a decision there. Having closed my eyes, I thought of all the lessons I have ever learnt in life.

I wondered, do I really want my destination? Or, was the journey more beautiful. Is moving forward the way to go, or going back is the new keyword? I took out a coin and tossed it up in the air. While the coin was still in the air, I knew what my heart hoped for!
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Black and White

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Black and white were the only colors his life was all about. For the past 3 years, he had been in the profession  he never thought he would land in. He used to say that, "I would often be doing things that I don't like but those would be the ones most important and almost a necessity".

Rohan came from a well-off family and used to be the topper of his school till the time he did not meet Mihika. Mihika was Rohan's senior in school. They first met bitterly when Rohan accidently hit Mihika while playing basketball and she retaliated, but what followed was in complete contrast. In order to avenge their anger, they kept confronting each other, a bit too often. Soon, the people around them started to feel the care in the way they fought.

Rohan got carried away by rumors that were doing the rounds about him and Mihika. His academic performance started to fall steeply. Mihika unfazed by such things kept pushing Rohan to do things that were of benefit to her. Having a rich boyfriend had its own advantage, felt Mihika. He did not realize it till the time he had lost all his appetite for studies and when Mihika left him saying he was good for nothing.

After Mihika completed her schooling and joined college, she refused to keep any contact with Rohan. He kept searching her for one year to regain her back but all in vain. His scores in 12th were an all time low for an otherwise illustrious academic career.

After 4 years, Rohan found himself left with nothing but a relentless search for Mihika. While she on the other hand graduated from her college after doing a course in hotel management and was employed in a 5 star hotel.

That day must have been scripted down with a different pen, but it was something surely apart from the normal. As their eyes looked into each other, Rohan and Mihika realized that they were at an inexplicable juncture of their lives. Mihika, who was totally unaware of what a feeling love is, tried but failed to ignore those eyes which said every untold and unheard tales of pain and misery they have been through for the past so many years. Not only was Rohan jobless, he also left his family.

Black and white became the colors of Rohan's life, soon after that meeting between the two. He got the job of a waiter in the same hotel, by Mihika's referral. Nobody knows why Rohan always wanted to be near to Mihika even after being ditched and betrayed by her very evidently. Perhaps he had experienced a feeling that was bigger than anything else, even bigger than his own intellect which could have taken him to places galore. Another fact that nobody knows; Why did Mihika refer Rohan for that job when she had herself left him years ago. The kind of girl she was, she would never feel pity for people she dumped.

These are the 2 questions that remain un-answered till date. One loved the other so madly, while the other took advantage whenever she got a chance. They complemented each other in the same way light complements darkness and black complements white.

Anybody knowing Rohan would believe him when he said, "I would often be doing things that I don't like but those would be the ones most important and almost a necessity". This statement made so much sense.

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He never thought it existed

Being from a well-off family and brought up in luxurious facilities, he was not aware of how rare the resources are, with the economically backward sections of the society. The environment around him was according to the standards of his family, or so was it kept intentionally. He studied in a school which only the elite class could afford, so he never really mingled with people who were from a poor background. Rahul, a proud associate of a MNC giant, had a blessed childhood, an even better youth which was still pursuant. He was on his road to attain milestones which nobody at his age did.

It was a big day for him, he had prepared for this day for some time now. As a part of corporate social responsibility, it was their duty to give some part of their income to charity. Since, he had never visited slums; he claimed this opportunity with both hands. He was visiting the slums for the first time, and knew that it was going to be difficult for him, as he was told by his colleagues and friends. Though he was prepared mentally, but it was going to be altogether a very different scenario.

Rahul with his colleagues reached the slums. As they stepped out from their air conditioned cars, there was a stingy smell all around, an odour that was obnoxious and unpleasant. It had started; a not-so-good start for a difficult day ahead. As they stepped into the murky environment, they could see naked kids running across; they were all over the place. There were no roads there, only pathways, seeing which one could easily get a notion of how they used to get in the monsoons.

Rahul, unaware and not being subjected to such conditions was shocked and amazed. One roof and a door was all that could be called for a shelter, there was no order and everything seemed to be in disarray. Taking the first step, Rahul entered in a household to get to know what actually the state of affairs is. He was greeted warmly, with so much affection that he felt actually nice being in a small 8 x 10 square-feet room. His outlook towards life was changing, fast.

The entire slum was beset with problems, perennially. When sometimes electricity failed, water made life difficult at the other, there were no doctors in the slums, no hospitals nearby. Some houses were such that one thunderstorm might leave them inhabitable. There were families where there was no source of income, which primarily relied on the leftovers they had from the previous month, or they were excessively dependent on the fact that someone like Rahul would come once in a while and bail them out of trouble.

Rahul had seen all of which he thought never existed in one day, and he could not come to terms with the fact that living standards could be that worse. He realized him being rich was a decision God made with a belief that when Rahul goes out there,  he would, without thinking of his social stature, show the usefulness of the bestowed resources he has with himself. That night when he reached back home, and took out his diary to write the experiences, the wind blew and took him to the slums where that 6-year old kid said to him, “Fir se aana bhaiya”

He smiled.

The postman he was...

Ramlal loved his job, for he was loved by one and all, the kids, the youth and the old. He was a source of smile for the most. A postman he was, a very familiar one, and a really trustworthy one. By now, he was familiar with everyone in the society, and his polite manner and decent behaviour made him all the more lovable. Kids loved him, and would often ask him to buy them the same uniform Ramlal used to wear. He would ask them to come with him to get the uniform. The kids then laughingly used to run away. Though, it was a joke but for Ramlal, the kids, the families in the society were the only family he had.

Yes, Ramlal was alone, lonely, had one child who had shifted to some place far away from his residence. His wife, who died a year ago, was his sole companion. At work, he was very punctual, and did it passionately. He would often love to go to societies where he had become a familiar face, and would even fight for the same. But everybody there understood it, because for Ramlal, those people were all he had for a family.

It was one rainy morning, when Ramlal had to go to his beloved society. The rain was too hard for the 58 year old to go and deliver the posts, but he knew that there might be some mother waiting for a post from his son posted to a distant land, a father waiting for a mail from his son who is fighting at the border, and more. He was all set to set out when his senior at work, told him not to go. Ramlal, stubborn as always, refuted, and said his health is far less important than the purpose for which he was going.

“But there isn’t any post that reads urgent, or important”, said the officer.

Ramlal was on his way, he did not care about what people had to say. When he stepped outside, he realized how heavy the downpour was, and by then, even the roads were waterlogged with no means of transport. It seemed an uphill task till the time he did not reach the society.

The roads were full of water, and it was difficult to reach the houses. Ramlal’s physical strength had seen enough of it since morning. And with the never ending rain, his health was deteriorating faster. His breath was breaking, and since it was raining, nobody bothered to come outside, rather they did not notice somebody is calling from outside, someone far away from the door.

Ramlal fell down, with his bag containing letters, perhaps the weight of the bag drenched in water had become too much for the lean skinny old man to bear. Running out of breath, he looked at the heavens, his loved ones were calling him, and so was his call of duty. He tried to stand up, to reach to one door, the one door that might open many doors. Helpless as ever, he could not get up even after repeated trials. The water level had reached knee height, and it took some real effort for him to keep his head sustained above the water level. He was losing his will, situations were such, his screams were becoming less loud, he was leaving, and he could see it.

Finally, he gave up!

He succumbed to the situations, his undying willingness and love towards his “family” costed him his life, and , he had nobody to hear his cries his screams, which would never be heard any more.

Ramlal, questioned God in heavens, “Why did no one come to rescue me. I would not have mind dying in the hospital bed, had I got to see one face for which I lived?”

God replied, “Son, from your perspective, they were all you had, everything that you wanted, yes, they were the solace you required, and the happiness you desired. But life, rather the perspective was not the same from the other side. They had their families and were busy there. They did not hear your cries, because your hearts were not connected. We choose people we love, and it is unconditional, you loved them with all your heart, but for them, you were an ordinary postman, who brings some smile to their cause. Had it not been for your profession, who knows they might not have loved you the same way”

Ramlal understood the point. Love is unconditional.
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