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So, When do you know it's Love?

 It has been long that this thought has cropped up in my mind and it has happened time and again. So, this would be one of those posts that I used to write in my initial blogging days. Thoughtful and delightful, atleast that is how I see them. Cutting short the build-up I would rather directly jump to my fodder for thought and also the inspiration fro writing this one because the next post would now be atleast 15-20 days later.

Love and friendship, two of the most vital things for existence form the backbone of this post. Without an iota of doubt, I pen down that love is amongst the most difficult things to comprehend, and is often mistaken. 

The cases of infatuation being mistaken as love are umpteen and I believe that it happens with everyone. It happened with me as well. Infact, I would put it as the influence of Bollywood on me that I failed to look at things in a practical way and fell with the heavenly aura, our cinemas have created. But soon after I realized what love is.

What I see love as, may not conform with the universal definition, but I have seen enough to believe that this is what it actually is. This is where I think  Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na  plays a very pivotal role in refining my thoughts. The tagline of the movie which reads "So when do you know it's love" explains nearly everything if one is left to ponder over it.

There is a very fine line between friendship and love and when friendship transforms to love is not known. Falling in love is not a decision that we make but rather a phenomena that takes place no matter how opposed we are to it. Having said that, I would also want to say nobody is opposed to falling in love, it's just the mnemonic that has got negatively stereotyped. If the word "friendship" is replaced with "love" from tomorrow, we would have around thousand cases everyday of people "falling in friendship" with each other.

I have heard enough talks about my link-ups with my best friend and the only thing I thought at it was yes, we are linked, so what? Linked by heart, linked by trust. But does that make us any different than we are. Or merely, a different tag to friendship would be interesting?

With everyone talking about Keep it Simple Silly the whole idea seems to have got lost and it has become more of a cool one liner. Had it not been so, I am sure the world would not have so much trouble figuring out what love is. 

Nothing about love is pre-decided and everything about it is pre-planned. 
You would never have to make effort to fall in love or find love, it would happen to you, naturally, and trust me, you would love it then. Till then, cherish friendship, it's gonna be with you almost as long as you can think.

Life in the Metro

Though the title of the post has striking resemblance to Life in a Metro, but this post is far more important for me to write. For those living in Delhi, they would understand the importance of Delhi Metro, which evidently has made it possible to reach nearly every nook and corner of the Capital. But what holds more importance here is the crowd, the general public, the loyal commuters, who travel everyday and in essence they are the ones who make Delhi Metro all the more happening.

Some 5 years have passed that I have been travelling via Metro, and still when I board the metro every morning, I can see instances which do not fail to amuse and irritate me. I am yet to comprehend what makes people break all bounds of sanity when it comes to vouching for a seat. I wonder if a seat makes that much difference to a politician. One can easily observe a terrible failure of decorum, and notably, the people who pretend to be "so sophisticated" self degrade themselves to the standards of dogs within seconds!

Having spent so much time travelling, I can now retrospect and I realize that Rajiv Chowk still remains the most crowd pulling station. Jokes apart, I realize that in between these journeys were hidden small yet important lessons of life. 
I remember the days when metro stopped in between the journey and I had no option but to wait. Those were the days which taught me that there would be situations when nothing could be done and they are best solved by being patient.
That day when the curly-haired kid was trying to fiddle with my newspaper, was when I realized what innocence is in its purest form and how we start off before becoming what we never intended to.
The way she smiled looking at me were signs of succumbing to gestures that go directly to the heart.

While guys are still pissed off on the concept of a ladies coach, girls continue to feel the need of an extra ladies coach in a 6 coach metro. People continue to talk loudly on the phone as the announcement persists, "Metro me gaana bajana mana hai!"
Each day, each journey in the metro has a thousand stories to say, some moments infuriate me and to some moments my heart holds on, lil quarrels continue to continue as life in the metro goes on....

20 things you should not miss in your lives

I believe when you get to live once, you must do things that give you immense pleasure. However, I do understand that different people find joy in different things, but here is a list that enlists things that everyone would love to do.

1. Bunk school once because this is one thing which seems such a herculean task to do. Though I never bunked school, but I don't really regret doing this.

2. Cheating in exams. Yes, doing something stealthily is always something that humans love.

3. Flirting with the opposite sex. There is no point regretting it later (for not pursuing this course of action) or wishing for it at a later age.

4. Study all night. Yes, I know most of you won't be expecting this but I believe this is something worth doing. It's a different experience altogether. When you sit back and retrospect, it feels great that you underwent such a  phase. It acts as a source of inspiration as well, at times!

5. Jump, hop, sing and dance in the rain. There are somethings money can't buy.

6. Do something that sets you apart. Be it as small a thing as a weird different hair cut. Go on, dare to be different. People will laugh, but they won't remember it all their lives.

7. Make mistakes, do blunders, break things at your home and at others, all this teaches you life. You experience and you learn.

8. Propose the one you love. Please do this even if scares the wit out of you. There is no better feeling than having that special one.

9. Get late for college. Rush, fall, bang into people. These are necessary appendages, I feel. Memories remain, time flies.

10. Stay away from your home during your education at least once. It teaches you stuff you think aren't necessary. It makes you miss your parents.

11. Write a love letter. Even if you don't deliver it, write one and keep it with you. And if you plan to deliver it, then keep a copy of it with yourself. No matter what happens, it vows to grow old with you. Sweet.

12. Do things you are scared of, at least once. Fight your fear and then feel the sense of accomplishment.

13. Trust at least one person blindly. Even if the person betrays you, there would be someone to heal you out. Life is all about counting beautiful moments.

14. Exchange roles with your best friend (preferably opposite sex) for one day. Try living life their way. Trust me, you'll respect them more.

15. Watch a late night movie at a multiplex with your friends. If its a horror movie, then I am sure you would remember it as the time of your life.

16. Score pathetically in a test that won't matter according to you. By the reaction of your batch mates, you would get to know how people think of you academically. 

17. Argue with your teacher. It would earn you less marks but......well I really don't have reasons why you should do so. Some things are beyond description. Caution: Don't do this very often.

18. Go for some adventure sport. Sky diving, bungee jumping, cliff jumping, rock climbing, rafting, anything. Just feel the beauty of nature, admire it, live it!

19. Collate all the money you have earned and spend it all in one go. Live your craziest and wildest dream. Parents are always there to support you and you would earn it back soon.

20. Lastly, cherish the joy of falling in friendship.

When we grow 65 years old and are lying on the hospital bed, we should not be awaiting death, instead there should be happy tears in our eyes and a flashback of all such moments in front of our eyes and a heavenly voice would then be softly murmuring in our ears, "Yes dear, you did not disappoint me, you lived the gift I gave you."

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