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If you are directed to this page in search of some information about my novel, then I am sorry to disappoint you, I haven't written one yet but yes I do hope to write one soon. Until then, this page is about another story that I wrote contained in 15 chapters.


The story is about a very hardworking, committed guy who works in a multinational giant. Sameer is passionate about hacking and one night while working he gets late and decides to stay back till next morning. As the night grows on, Sameer chooses to explore and experiment his hacking skills. He is able to login to Rajiv, company's director's profile where he accidentally reads a few confidential e-mails. 

What follows is a series of confrontations of Sameer with his past and his present, his mind and his heart. Talking about present, Rahul and Isha, Sameer's best friends figure out that Sameer cannot be found anywhere. The story oscillates between the present and the past, where at one scene it is told that what all Sameer read that night and at the other, there are scenes of Rahul and Isha searching frantically for him.

Eventually they find Sameer just to learn his plans of leaving the company and flying far away. Rahul and Isha stand stunned unable to figure out the state of mind of a person not wanting to go back to the company he has loved more than anything else. What happened that one dark night that hacked so many lives?

Go through these 15 chapters to know everything else about the story!

I hope you do have a good time reading these, suggestions, questions and queries are always welcomed!

And for those who are waiting for my novel, you will get to know about it here: link


  1. Thanks Animesh, now I know, where I have to land to read that thriller again...:)

  2. Hi Saru, thanks a lot, and believe me, its completely my pleasure :)

  3. You have been given the Liebster Award here - http://jojofeelings.wordpress.com/2013/02/25/liebster-angel/


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