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Part 9: The Present v/s The Future: Which one to choose?

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Shreya was perhaps amongst the few people Sameer could fall back on. She was a college friend and the two always shared a fantastic camaraderie. 

Shreya! Shreya!

Hey Hi Sameer. You look dizzy. Did not sleep?

Yeah, was working all night. Hey listen, I need to talk to you. Are you busy?

Yeah, kind of, but it can wait. Tell me, what happened?

Not here, let's move to somewhere else.

Ok, lets go downstairs.


How far is the place, Isha?

Just few minutes away buddy, and I am not sure if we are gonna find Sameer there. By the way, did you talk to his mom. Does she know of it?

I did. She said Sameer is out for work. Surely Sameer hasn't told anything to Aunty.

They drive down to the place just to witness their efforts to no avail. Sameer wasn't there. 
With every passing second, THE consequential hour of the night was nearing, and failure to find Sameer was coming back time and again to haunt them, the 3 of them, Rahul, Isha and Shreya.

With the hopes of finding Sameer going down the drain, Rahul's phone rang. It was Shreya.

Hey Shreya, what's the update?

Sameer found, Rahul.

What? Where?

At Radisson Cliff. Where are you guys?

Just 20 minutes away from there.

Get to him fast Rahul, just 1 and a half hours away. Rush.

Yes, we are. Did he call you?

No, he mailed me. And I tracked it from the IP Address. He does not have his phone with him. Perhaps, the laptop is with him. He mailed me that he is gonna destroy his laptop soon and will go away from this shit very soon. Please get to him before he moves away from there.

Oh God, don't worry. I'll make it as fast as possible. Catch you soon. You keep working on that thing. I'll take care issues this side.

Rahul accelerates as they disconnect the call.

Where is he?

Radisson Cliff. Shreya said Rahul is gonna destroy his laptop and gonna fly away from this shit.

What? What the hell is this, and what is he doing at such a place, which is meant for lovers, that too at 1 in the night, and he also has his laptop with him. Crazy!

Don't know. 

Within 15 minutes, Rahul and Isha reach Radisson Cliff. Sameer was sitting on the stones

Sameer, Sammeerrr!

Hey, how are the two of you here? What's up guys?

Sameer, you know what has happened dude. We need to talk about it.

What are you talking about Rahul?

Shreya told us Sameer and there is something you deserve to know.

I am off it Rahul. Going away from all this shit. I'll rather be free.

No Sameer, you need to know that you can't get away with this, there are complications because of this matter. Your getting away might just save you, but think about that poor girl Sameer.


Shireen! If you run away, she's gonna get ruined. Rajiv is at his bloody worst Sameer and so is........

And so is....??? So is who, Rahul???


to be continued....

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Part 8: Course of action, underway

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No matter how hard he tried to relax himself, his efforts failed. His life was at a make or break stage. Of course, he had no clue how to go about it. The mere thought of anyone being involved in the high risk affair was killing him. He did not realize when did sleep embrace him into its bounds. The same thing had been happening with him for the past oh-so-many months. His most trusted people were embracing (read trapping) him into their bounds without Sameer realizing anything.

After 2 hours of insufficient sleep, his unconsciousness was broken by the affection of a mother towards her child. His mom was rather too worried. He got up and assured his mother about everything being fine, just a bit of extra workload. He closed the door of his room again quoting that he had some important presentation to make. Surely, he had one to make, to present to Kenny and Shireen. He took out a piece of paper and made a list of all things he thought Kenny and Shireen needed to know.

Sameer was prepared, though still shivering mentally as he set out his travel towards office.

Hi Sam, you are here. Did not expect you to come so soon buddy.

Yeah Kenny! Have important commitments here. Where is Shireen?

Out on the call, as usual. She is a difficult girl to handle *laughs*

Yeah, I am scheduling a meeting, are you prepared with the rough drafts of the project report?

Almost done man. Shireen is helping me with that.

Cool! We need to discuss that as well. 
Ok, catch you in a while. Tell me when the lady gets over with the call.

Sure mate, will ask the lady to expedite *laughs again*

After 20 minutes, the three of them assemble in the meeting room to discuss the issues regarding the project.

So, are we done with the rough draft for the report?

Yeah, almost done Sam, Shireen has a bit of it left, hopefully will be over by 3 hours.

Yeah, right. We can proceed further with the final bit left.

Well, Kenny, Shireen, I need to tell something really important to you guys, but before that I do need to ask a few things.

What happened man? Is everything ok Sameer?

Yeah, nothing much to worry about Shireen. Just a few questions. So tell me, how comfortable are you working on this project?


Yeah, tell me.

I enjoyed it, I mean we three started it off as a child project, it was a dream, I believe we have come a long way. I am feeling rather nostalgic about it.

What about you Kenny?

Well, what shall I say. I did not know much of it when the 2 of you along with me started on this, but with passing time, I did learn a lot and this project is the reason for my long stay in the company. At one point of time, I did give a thought about leaving the company. I even gave interviews elsewhere *laughs*

Ok guys, now coming to my viewpoint. I loved this project ever since I started it. Perhaps, me and Shireen were the ones who so much wanted to do this project, and as Shireen rightly put it, it is actually nostalgic when I retrospect and realize having come this long. But I believe that I have had enough of this project. From the past few days, I have been going through a phase of constant self introspection and it would unfair on my part to go ahead with this project anymore. You two have worked equally well on this and I think you should go ahead and sign this deal.

What? Are you insane? You know better than us about this. Everyone knows you are the best person to do this.

Yes, Sam, you can't be doing this, man!

Decision made friends, for the good or for the bad.

What is that supposed to mean? Are you sure about it?

Yes Shireen! Hoping that both of you do understand. I am gonna drop a mail to Rajiv letting him know about it soon. By the ways, if any help is required, I am always there. All the best guys.

Sameer leaves the meeting room, with Kenny and Shireen left stranded!

He moved out smiling. He moved to his seat and took out the piece of paper he had got from home.

Task1: Meeting Kenny and Shireen and telling them about it. 

Task 2: Dropping a mail to Rajiv informing the same.

Task 3: Informing Shreya and asking for her guidance for the further proceedings.

Task 4: Final nail in the coffin!

After dropping a mail to Rajiv, he started to search for Shreya. His chalked out course of action was on its way.

The aftermath of India-England test series

Ever since I have been following cricket, one thing that I found very common in newspapers was an analysis of all the players after an important or crucial tour. The writer would analyse each and every player on his performance and give him ratings accordingly. Perhaps, there are genuinely more important and vital issues going all thorough out the nation and hence I could not see any such article being scripted. So, I would like to take this opportunity to write down one. Though, I do not claim to be a cricket guru, but I do have a very substantial knowledge about cricket. So here is a report card for the Indian players on the tour.

Abhinav Mukund: Well well well, opportunities do not come your way much when you have chosen to be a part of the national Indian cricket team. This is one thing that he does need to keep in mind, though he started off promisingly, but it later appeared as if he was more scared of the bowlers than the bowls. But I am glad that he was at least given a chance over IPL fame Murali Vijay. At least Mukund gets runs at international level unlike pathetic Murali Vijay.
My rating: 4 out of 10

Gautam Gambhir: Ohh poor boy, had a tough series. Injured->out->in->injured. Tried fighting till he persisted in the final test even after being severely injured. That's the only instance Gambhir would be remembered about when talked about this series.
My rating: 5 out of 10

Virender Sehwag: Played the last 2 tests only, but I must say Viru did make a mark. A king's pair it was. And on both the occasions, of the very first delivery, asaan nahi tha. Pheww!!
My rating: 3 out of 10

Rahul Dravid: Notably the best Indian batsman on show. 3 centuries in 4 test matches is remarkable, but loners do not win battles Rahul, and great answer to the selectors by denouncing from ODIs. Bhot kar liya desh k liye, apni bhi kuch self respect hoti hai. Jab chaha nikal diya, jab chaha bula liya. Nonetheless, awesome batting, yes, you dropped two crucial catches, but then, for India this series was like who made less mistakes. 
My rating: 9 out of 10

Sachin Tendulkar: We will wait, Master for your 100th. Chalo theek hai, araam se bana lena. It's rather too impractical and idiotic mindset of people to be expecting you to score a ton every time you come out to bat. However, this test series did not see Sachin at his best, sadly!
My rating: 6 out of 10

VVS Laxman: A rather unexpected show put up by him. Though got out of genuinely good deliveries on a few occasions, but this seemed to be one of those tours when India's most "special" batsman decided to take a break from the sole torch bearer for the tailenders.
My rating: 5.5 out of 10

Yuvraj Singh: Once you clobbered Stuart Broad for 36. I miss those days. He has definitely improved, have you?
My rating: 6 out of 10

Suresh Raina: If for once, we could ignore your first innings score in the first test, your average is below 4.00 for this series. Instead of following Sehwag on the record for King pairs, it would be much better if you followed him on his records towards scoring tripe centuries. I wish.
My rating: 4.5 out of 10

MS Dhoni: The Captain Cool, MSD, at least you could now escape the wrath of spectators and media on your own form. You have two scores of 70 odd runs this series. But I must say, cool captaincy! First big series after becoming the world champions, and the result is what you call awesome-ness. Also, the main culprit for India's dismal performance. MSD, losers make excuses!
P.S: Happy Married life MSD!
My rating: 4 out of 10

Harbhajan Singh: All attitude and no result. Is baar to batting me bhi kuch nahi kar paye Bhajji which used to save you from getting chucked out of the team, but fortunately the inevitable had to happen this time.
My rating: 2.5 out of 10

Zaheer Khan: Get well soon, Zaheer. India misses its best bowler.
My rating: Well, he did bowl well till he was fit, but then fitness is a major issue that players need to tackle. Ratings not applicable here.

Praveen Kumar: Good performance. It did not appear to be your second test series. However, the fitness betrayal continued here as well, so did the fielding blues.
My rating: 8 out of 10

Amit Mishra: Why do our bowlers often forget the main purpose they are supposed to serve. Mishra ji, 84 runs bana lene se next time selection pakka nahi hoga. Bowling pe dhyan do.
My rating: 4 out of 10

Sreesanth: Bowled decently in patches, though threw away his efforts in the fire set up by his lack of patience and more of irrelevant enthusiasm at times. Ineffective, yet noticeable, Sreesanth ki life ki kahani!
My rating: 5.5 out of 10

Ishant Sharma: One of the better Indian bowlers on this tour. More of focus and less of blabber is what he requires. Appeared as if he can bat a bit as well. May be can guide his fellow mates.
My rating: 6.5 out of 10

RP Singh: What a performance, I mean, your premium fast bowler bowls at an average speed of 120 kmph, what more can you ask for. Congrats for such a "vital" performance RP. You have cemented your place in the side.
My rating: 1 out of 10

Well, I would say these ratings are my personal opinion and should not be taken too seriously. Just felt like scripting it!
All the best Indian team, come back soon and support the cause for anti-corruption. Make us realize you are of some worth.

25 things worth experiencing

Thoughts are something that we can't control, I mean some can, most can't. And I believe that is the way it should be. The flow of thoughts should not be hindered, controlled and framed. Weird though they may be, but when we think about them while retrospecting, they paste smiles on our faces. Here are a few which I am sure many of us, if not all, would have been through--
  1. Looking at the blackboard with all the focus in the world, the important fact here is, this happens only while writing an exam.
  2. Thinking about how you acted in a particular situation and re-iterating the whole scene in front of yourself.
  3. Setting the most irritating song as your alarm tone to serve the purpose of waking us up. Alas! Everything fails.
  4. Once read a friend's personal SMS and acted as if you know nothing about that issue when he was telling us about the same.
  5. Pursued a course of action knowing that you were wrong but would be severely criticized if confessed the same.
  6. A stranger who won your heart by a gesture as small as a smile.
  7. Calculated love compatibility with your love interest using the Kundli Software for windows. I am sure many of us have done this.
  8. Liked your own comment/status message/photo just to increase the number of likes on the same. C'MON!!! Confess it at least!
  9. Felt you are in Love, just beacuse you liked a girl more than other girls. 
  10. Lied about your friends also getting less marks to escape the wrath of parents.
  11. In between an exam, you were thinking of a movie scene you saw just a few days before the exam. Don't blame yourself, that happens!
  12. Told a friend to call at your place when you aren't at home and convince your parents to let you go for an outing.
  13. Searched how to delete history of your internet browsing. You naughty little grown-ups!
  14. Thought reality shows were all real when they first appeared on T.V. Even voted for your favourite participant to win. I know some might still be doing it thinking how can reality shows be framed. 
  15. Still think that Osama bin Laden is alive.
  16. Thought of yourself as a hero and your (to be or would be) girlfriend as a heroine of the movie you love the most.
  17. Made an estimate about the price of a house or a car with an ever-increasing confidence when you had no idea about it's price, just to look and to be perceived smart and knowledgeable.
  18. At one point of time, thought nobody in the world loves you.
  19. Still wonder how radio jockeys have all the songs available with them.
  20. Loved a movie that everyone else hated.
  21. Are perceived smarter by your parents and other relatives than you actually are. Actually, perceived exactly opposite of what you are outside.
  22. Watched the entire Indian innings believing your whims that a wicket might fall if you got up your seat.
  23. Discovered a hidden talent in you by drawing sketches at the end of your notebook during boring-till-death lectures.
  24. Thought that Earth being spherical in shape is a farce, and people at the lower end of the sphere would fall of it.
  25. Imagined life to be like it was shown in the famous cartoon "The Jetsons".
The compilation of this list goes on and on as long as our thoughts continue to flow. Don't obstruct them, don't control them. They are structures that ways, free as a bird. 
These are just 25 penned down here. Feel free to add more, and enjoy the "things worth experiencing" for these are the things we once went through or would come across.

What being Free meant for her..

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Her eyes broadened on watching that banner that read 1 on 1 free. The time was there again when the off season sale and discounts were round the corner, on nearly every shop, and even the best brands were offering so much. Kriti, a fond lover of shopping, was extremely delighted to see that. Her wardrobe collection was so large that her almirah now failed to contain her materialistic wishes anymore.

Free as a bird, as she was often quoted by her friends, she did not bother about anything when it came to following her heart. She came running to her home to pick up her wallet and grab some money to catch up with the best offer in the town.

Mom, I am going to the market, 1 on 1 free offer. I'll be back in an hour or so. Don't wait for me, have your lunch, bye.....

Wait, Kriti, Kritiiii...

But Kriti was so euphoric that she almost forgot everything else. She had been like that only, flying in the air with her tunes playing in the background for her, that is how she was. She used to live life, the way it should be lived. Kriti, a topper from her school days, used to top in university exams as well, but she wasn't one of the kind who would sport heavy specs and be buried into books always. Stunning she was, she left many guys drooling over her.

She rushed to the market and purchased heaps of stuff, many of which were most certainly of one time use only. Careless, yes she was, but regretting things she did, no, that wasn't just her type. She came back and lied down on the bed thinking about her to-do list. Yes, she made that list once and updated it pretty regularly so that the hassles of life never become too much for her to handle. She almost had a perfect balanced approach towards life.

But there was something that people did not know of her. She used to write a diary entry everyday. Every diary entry was written to God. Yes, every day she wrote to God, she believed madly in Him and His existence. And everyday she wrote the same thing...

Please God, help me, rescue me!

Kriti's brother had died long back, and she wanted to un-jail herself from the memories that imprisoned her. She wanted to move on, perhaps that's why she wandered around presuming it to be her dreamy land. Her parents made sure that she never had the lack of anything.

Kriti was a perfect girl, just that she needed to be rescued, to be freed, to be loved so much that she forgets almost everything.

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Part 7: The night not dreamed of

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Soon, he was there at home. Without bothering about what his mother was saying, he rushed straight to his room. He closed the door, switched on the fan and lay down on the bed. He himself did not know what exactly was going to happen. Moreover, he had told Kenny that he would be having a talk with him and Shireen. He did not know what exactly to say to them. 


Are you serious? Is it Karan? What the hell it is, from where has he come? Why can't he just leave Sameer alone?

I don't know why but what I do know is that Karan wants this deal to happen. And when he heard about Sameer being involved, he so much wants to make it happen and indict Sameer in the process.

But how do you know all this Rahul?

That's another story Isha. What we should focus on now is how to contact Sameer and inform him about all this.

No wait, first tell me how do you know all this?

From the very same source who told you to keep an eye on me.

What? Shreya?

Yes, Sameer's colleague, Shreya.

What the hell has been happening around? If she knows about it, then why is she not here, with us, trying to inform Sameer about all this.

She is with us Isha.

How? where?

This is not the time to waste, my little girl. You'll get to know everything. 
Do you know where can Sameer be, he is not at his place, and he isn't answering his phone.
I did go to all places he normally visits, but he is nowhere. I even went to the dhaba in front of iInfo.com building.

Ok, let me think. 
He can be at some lonely place trying to find solace.

Think fast Isha, its already 1, we have lots to do after we find him. Only 2 hours left.

Eureka, I know of a place. C'mon, lets move.


I am telling you the way dear, lets go quickly! The place is a bit far away, on the outskirts of the city. I am sure he would be there.

How are you so sure?

Because one day he took me there, he loves that place. I very well remember how he distinctly talked about that place being so quiet, so soulful. He would surely be there as he needs the right peace of mind in such a scenario.

Rahul and Isha drive to that place as time flies.


Username: sameer.champ
Password: **************

Yes, it worked, thankfully!
Now lets send a mail to Rajiv and shall I send it to Karan?

Shreya paused for a moment. She knew this step of hers could possibly be an unwanted step. But then it was something she needed to act quickly upon. Whether Sameer wanted to do the same or not, were going past her mind. But with Sameer unavailable, she thought of calling Rahul.

She dialled his number.

Hey Rahul.

Hi Shreya, is the work done?

Are you crazy, there is a still a lot of it remaining. I am glad that I could memorize some of the hacking techniques that Sameer once told me and could open his account.

Great, what's the issue now?

I am in a fix. Shall I send the mail we talked about?

That's your call Shreya. I don't know, you better know about the matter.

Ok, I'll act on it. By the way, where are you, did you tell Isha about it?

Yes, Isha is with me.

Ok, fine!

And then, Shreya disconnected the phone.

Damn it, she disconnected the call without saying anything. What's wrong with her?

to be continued.....

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Part 6: The subsequent morning

Part 6 in this series is the onset for a lot of further twists and turns. Here are the links to the previous parts. Go through them to get a feel of what all has been happening till now.

Part 1: Darkness: Unseen or foreseen?
Part 2: Rush of emotions, untold
Part 3: The e-mail that coupled lives
Part 4: Commitment that betrayed
Part 5: Danger unknown, Yet


That night was unquestionably the darkest night of his life. He sat there frozen, wanting to move but too scared to act. The night was dying and so was he, from inside. With the intrusion of sun rays into the office, the visibility increased, and Sameer at once hopped on to reach to his cellphone. 5 a.m it was. he had spent the entire day in the office working.

Wait, he heard something, footsteps!
Someone was there, who?
Sameer's heart skipped a beat. He hid beneath his table and tried looking from there. Kenny it was!

Sameer felt relieved and thought that he would tell Kenny everything he read last night. He got up and called out to him.

Good Morning Kenny, how come you are so early here?

Hey Sam, what the hell are you doing, did you spend the entire night here?

(Sameer soon realized that Kenny has no idea about what all Sameer knows. Owing to his presence of mind, he knew what to do, his body language suddenly changed, though that change only Sameer himself could feel. He replied confidently)

Yeah man, had to, a lot of work pending for our project. Well, I am happy its in the final stages, hopefully we get over with it soon.

Yes, it has drained us. *laughs*

Kenny, I need to talk to you and Shireen about something really important.

What exactly?

Let her also come, will tell both of you together, it's something about the project.
In the meantime, I'll get back from home in 6 hours, catch you then.

Sure, bye Sam!

Bye Kenny.

As Sameer left for home, various thoughts confronted him. The place which he thought of as a second home and the people who were a second family for him, suddenly started appearing very hostile. He did not want to come back to that place as he moved out of the building, but he was mature enough to realize that he was caught in a trap which was drowning him in, by each passing second.

He knew he need not fear as long as every one is unaware of the fact that he has a sneak peak into a precariously set up disaster. If circumstances and destiny could be personified, they could have easily told that they changed a person, his thinking in span of a night. Thoughts were engulfing the young lad into themselves, Sameer was mentally arrested.

He had thought of calling Rahul, but as they say sometimes it is only between you and God. As self-indulgent as one could be, Sameer kept walking and fighting the thought "Why me?" with God. Those moments, they were only between him and God.

to be continued.......

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