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20 things you should not miss in your lives

I believe when you get to live once, you must do things that give you immense pleasure. However, I do understand that different people find joy in different things, but here is a list that enlists things that everyone would love to do.

1. Bunk school once because this is one thing which seems such a herculean task to do. Though I never bunked school, but I don't really regret doing this.

2. Cheating in exams. Yes, doing something stealthily is always something that humans love.

3. Flirting with the opposite sex. There is no point regretting it later (for not pursuing this course of action) or wishing for it at a later age.

4. Study all night. Yes, I know most of you won't be expecting this but I believe this is something worth doing. It's a different experience altogether. When you sit back and retrospect, it feels great that you underwent such a  phase. It acts as a source of inspiration as well, at times!

5. Jump, hop, sing and dance in the rain. There are somethings money can't buy.

6. Do something that sets you apart. Be it as small a thing as a weird different hair cut. Go on, dare to be different. People will laugh, but they won't remember it all their lives.

7. Make mistakes, do blunders, break things at your home and at others, all this teaches you life. You experience and you learn.

8. Propose the one you love. Please do this even if scares the wit out of you. There is no better feeling than having that special one.

9. Get late for college. Rush, fall, bang into people. These are necessary appendages, I feel. Memories remain, time flies.

10. Stay away from your home during your education at least once. It teaches you stuff you think aren't necessary. It makes you miss your parents.

11. Write a love letter. Even if you don't deliver it, write one and keep it with you. And if you plan to deliver it, then keep a copy of it with yourself. No matter what happens, it vows to grow old with you. Sweet.

12. Do things you are scared of, at least once. Fight your fear and then feel the sense of accomplishment.

13. Trust at least one person blindly. Even if the person betrays you, there would be someone to heal you out. Life is all about counting beautiful moments.

14. Exchange roles with your best friend (preferably opposite sex) for one day. Try living life their way. Trust me, you'll respect them more.

15. Watch a late night movie at a multiplex with your friends. If its a horror movie, then I am sure you would remember it as the time of your life.

16. Score pathetically in a test that won't matter according to you. By the reaction of your batch mates, you would get to know how people think of you academically. 

17. Argue with your teacher. It would earn you less marks but......well I really don't have reasons why you should do so. Some things are beyond description. Caution: Don't do this very often.

18. Go for some adventure sport. Sky diving, bungee jumping, cliff jumping, rock climbing, rafting, anything. Just feel the beauty of nature, admire it, live it!

19. Collate all the money you have earned and spend it all in one go. Live your craziest and wildest dream. Parents are always there to support you and you would earn it back soon.

20. Lastly, cherish the joy of falling in friendship.

When we grow 65 years old and are lying on the hospital bed, we should not be awaiting death, instead there should be happy tears in our eyes and a flashback of all such moments in front of our eyes and a heavenly voice would then be softly murmuring in our ears, "Yes dear, you did not disappoint me, you lived the gift I gave you."

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  1. Wow ! Enjoyed reading this...Go live your life kinda post..niceeee...

  2. Of all the things you said, I would never jump, hop or sing in the rain...its yuck! and I wont regret it...pretty ok with the rest..and happy to say, did most of them! yay!

  3. hehe..it was lovely...loved each of it...have done like 99%things n u r rite..i remember each of them
    each point leaves a smile
    loved it

  4. No. 14 is something really interesting and few names are coming up in my head right now...And arguing with teacher, I did that and as you said I got less marks:( Fun post!!!

  5. awesomee! I can proudly say that i have done 16-17 of them already and u motivated me to perform the ones that r left!
    indeed life is all about experimenting and NOT regretting wt u do, coz at some in time u had assumed it to be correct 4 u :)


  6. @Amigo: Exactly! Welcome here :)

    @Shilpa: Run in the rain with breeze blowing across your face and those small drops embracing you. Try it, you would love it :)

    @Nidhi: Thanks sweety :) and we haven't done point 14 as yet. Will try that :)

    @Saru: No. 14 indeed is really interesting. Teachers don't like it when students stand up to them, some show that in marks, some do that outrightly by being rude. haha..

    @Sarah: Rightly put Sarah. Exactly my point. And you have done 16-17. That's a good number considering the list-in-case!

  7. except 2 and 10 I have all the above listed buddy.. I just enjoy my life :-)

    Someone is Special

  8. 65? Too early to be in the hospital, don't you think?:)
    Loved the list, straight from the heart...

  9. This means that i am eligible to die now :P. I have done it all!!!!!!! :D
    Great post man!

  10. @SiS: Seriously??? You have done all the rest. 14 would surely have been fun dude!

    @PeeVee: I thought that thing would be overlooked. Koi nahi, 70 samajh lo usko yaar :)

    @Rded Handed: Eligible to die, hahaha, I am really surprised to know that you have actually done all of them, great going!

  11. toooooooooooooo good..........!!! :)

  12. Do things u r scared of and fight ur fear, not once but always.

  13. @Neha: Thank you :)

    @Ismail: You sound like a revolutionary :P

  14. Great post!
    Loved the points.... and happy I lived a few of them!

  15. haaa.., how did I miss to comment on this post?!! Great compilation Animesh and loved all of 'em. These are things one should definitely do to live life to the core... Great one buddy :)

  16. Thanks a lot Anand, glad that you read this :)

  17. dats wonderful....i qualify fr most f the points bt der few wonderful points which i wanna try..!

  18. Thanks buddy, go on to do the rest, should not miss these things in life :)

  19. Loved this post... Loved each and every point :)
    I still have a few that I haven't done!

  20. Thanks a lot Chandani, do the things you have missed out on till now, and are do-able :)

  21. Every point is worth readin, like all but
    point no 13,, what if your trust broke like hell and may lead to depression.

  22. @Ruchi: That's what I said. There will always be someone to heal you out :) Trust GOD :)

  23. yaa, i trust God...but its not easy, believe me, trust breakage can sometimes lead to terrible emotional and confidence loss...
    god bless u.

  24. That might happen and I don't deny that. I was just going by an optimistic point of view. Tragedies happen, but as they say, justice might be delayed but not denied :)

    P.S: Though, a few exceptions are there to every rule!

  25. To be true, I have done most of them! Some are left and will definitely try them! :-)


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