A world waiting to be explored

This will all end, someday!

"Someday this will all end. That day when you'll finally see the light of the day, you'll realize that this struggle is planned. And then it won't matter whether you believe in God or not.", I recalled her words as I stood in front of the waterfall outside the cave. Those happy tears were in the remembrance of my partner whom I lost somewhere in the cave in our quest.

The sound of water hitting the rocks with full force was the only thing I could hear. In the lap of nature, that moment was something inexplicable. I turned around to look into the cave; my eyes still searching for her, hoping for her to come back fighting like I did.

"And if we separate in our quest, lead yourself and fight a way out. Just don't give up. Don't think about me. You would encounter the most difficult times to learn that in the end it has to be only you who would lead!"

I turned away from the caves and moved towards the waterfall. Her face, her smile kept coming back to me. She must be battling out her share to get to the light she always talked about, which I never understood then. She must be tackling the unbound darkness inside the cave, the pathways which vow to con you and the terrifying creatures which might just turn out carnivores. All this only if she is alive yet.

"Lets go inside the cave. I know this is risky but after we are through this, we would feel the difference. This is our moment, come on!"

"I have done this before, caves are fun. This is for you. In the end, you'll realize this was the launchpad you require. It'll do your confidence a world of good."

Yes, I have realized, I have come to terms with it. It has helped me, definitely.
Also, that she had never done it before, never been through caves.

It is worth pondering how certain people come into your life and impact it the way you never imagined. I never understood life until I was left alone in the cave and had to struggle for everything, even water. Now I am in front of a waterfall and I haven't drank water yet. Perhaps, I have learnt lessons which are too overwhelming, too profound!

"When the clouds become too dark and the road ahead unclear, just keep walking keep going till the end to see where it ends, and then someday it will all end. That day it won't matter whether you believe in God or not!"
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