A world waiting to be explored

Father and Daughter!

I sat there holding my drink. My legs hung between the railings from the 12th of a 16 storey apartment. In the backdrop of a city with all the glitterati, lay a few common men who embraced night as it came. I pulled the glass close to my mouth and inverted it all at once. It was time for the next drink. I made my way inside the 3BHK flat which was as lavish and spacious as you'd get in this city. Before I made myself the drink, I swiftly checked upon my 6 year old daughter if she was well asleep and comfortable. She had finally slept. I took her small little hands in mine and kissed them.

Between the lines

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I had 10 tabs open on the browser and 15 windows opened on the screen. Beneath this chaotic congregation, lay a picture of us. I shuffled between windows to see the desktop background once in a while as I continued to ace the parallel worlds which shared my attention. The table too, was cluttered with papers, pen, paperweights, water bottle and coffee mug which regularly injected me with caffeinated blood. The small fluorescent table lamp highlighted a man fighting it out with all the might he had.
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