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Part 5: Danger unknown, Yet

What? What exactly does "we have only 200 minutes mean"?

Get in the car, I'll tell you everything.

Wait, where are we going?

Hurry up Isha, get in! And listen very carefully to me, every thing I am gonna say and every place we are gonna go tonight would be of some consequence!

Don't freak me out Rahul, tell me what the hell has been going on?

Well, there are a lot of things, I don't really know where to start from. Ok, I'll try to make you understand!
Sameer, is in deep trouble.

Oh my god, Rahul, you are telling this for the 1000th time. I know this now. 

Let me complete. He is in trouble but what makes it worse is the fact that he is unaware of it.


Yes. Now listen. His hacking instincts have done him in. I don't know whether to be happy about that he hacked that day or to be sad about it, perhaps I should be grateful, to God, but at the same time I don't really know whether to be actually grateful or not.

Fine, go on, may be at some point I would understand what actually is happening and has happened.

Ok, Sameer hacked into Rajiv's account one day, and read some confidential mails. The mails disclosed details about a deal that Rajiv is going to sell a major portion of their company to another party. Yes, and by selling the company, it means that he is only going to sell the land, and every one working currently at their  company would be left unemployed. And what was more important was the fact that Kenny, Shireen and Sameer would execute that deal, and, unknowingly!

What the.....!! 
But if Sameer knows about it, he should not go forward with the deal, cancel the project, or tell all the employees about Rajiv, I mean whatever could possibly be done, shall be done!

Exactly what Sameer thought. But then things aren't always as they appear to be. There are people in the office who are working for the "other party", and Sameer does not know who are they, and how many of them are there. And if Sameer goes forward with this project and signs the deal, then the blame for this would rest on shoulders of Sameer.

God!!! The least he can do is withdrawing himself from the deal.

Yes, that is the same course of action he is pursuing, he has dropped a mail to Rajiv that he can't work any further on the project.

Thank God!

Well, you spoke too soon. When Sameer hacked into Rajiv's account he left some loopholes, and Rajiv lead himself through them to find out that Sameer knows everything about the project. And Sameer does not know this fact. He is totally unaware that if he does not sign the deal before 3 a.m, the game could get dirty.
Damn, its 12.30 already!

But what if he does not sign. I mean, what can Rajiv do?

Rajiv might not do anything, someone else would.


I told you that whatever I am gonna say would have some consequence. 

What exactly?

The other party as I said.

What? Who is the other party, and what they are gonna do?


What, Karan, Sameer's brother?

His step brother.`

to be continued....

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He could never figure out why he had such dreams. It was one of those nights when he got up from sleep, yet again. It was the same dream which had been haunting him from the past few days, or months, perhaps he did not remember how long exactly!

He was sure the dream had nothing to do with him or his life or anyone related closely to him, for that matter. Yet something had started to exist for him. The world that the dream had created.

Being disruptively woken up from sleep, he was searching for the glass of water that he always used to keep by his bedside. His restlessness was increasing in proportion to the time spent in searching. He switched on the lights to find out that the glass wasn't there. Perhaps, he had forgotten, though it hadn't ever happened, that is what he said to himself.

After gulping in some water, he sat down to placate himself, and jot down everything he felt like sharing. His diary was his companion in such times. He started to script down the nightmare. It was like a big stone, rather a boulder rolling towards him, and increasing in size just like a snowball does when rolled in a terrain covered by snow. It used to scare the wit out of Karan, and that night was no exception.

As he was through with writing his experience, happened something. If Karan thought that the nightmare could be worse, then the worst was yet to come!
The words penned down on that piece of paper started to move. With the night getting murkier and such an unusual horrifying phenomena in progress, Karan had almost lost it, he was breathing hard, and losing breath at the same time.
The words rearranged themselves to form a pattern, he noticed that almost every word he wrote was an anagram. Out of all that he had written, the words mingled to form:

It is not a dream Karan, it is more than that!
Something that you did in the past has come back to haunt you!
You can't run away, there is no escapism, there is no looking back!
Your wrongdoings date back deep from the past!
As far as you can think,your previous life perhaps!
Yes, Karan, you have re-incarnated!
Make rectifications, else the storm of torment continues!
It's a Revenge, boy, It's a bloody Revenge!!!

The words started to move out from the sheet and loomed large over him. He was terrified and the impact of the happening was so profound that it took a toll on him, Karan fell unconscious. The effect was so dominating that it fell beyond the reach of human comprehension.

When he got up, he found himself lying on the floor, with a sheet in his hand, that read Revenge-a movie review
He realized he had slept being in the process of initiation of writing a review for the movie Revenge
Karan was still trying to come to terms with the fact that what happened last night. May be it was just a dream inside a dream, which had no significance except for being a nightmare, namesake!
Or may be that there was some substantial thing tagged with that night, a revenge for something done in the past! Who knows!

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Part 4: Commitment that betrayed

Before this one, it would be better to go through the previous parts:

Sameer was iced, he did not know what to do. It was a checkmate scenario that he was caught in. The e-mail had shook his world. He was in a place which he had been visiting for the past 2 years and he never felt so insecure, insecure to the extent of his life.
With no other option left, Sameer again took hold of the laptop, and started searching for more stuff. To have a better insight of the matter, Sameer tried to have access to previous mails. After having searched for 15 minutes, he found one, which dated back to......

"Damn, it has been going on for 3 months now. What's in there now?"

The e-mail with the subject line as Reply Soon read as:

We should meet up soon to decide the final venture. Nobody should come to know of it, not even your close ones. People here, at my company are totally unaware, and want them to be. They are emotional about the place, and I only want, you know what. 

There are a few guys here who can help us in our cause, of course, unknowingly!
There are emotional fools here, they would be our puppets, do everything for us, and at the end of it, when we would be done with it, they would have to be get rid of.  
Here are a few who would be starting the "project" and I would keep adding more fools to the list, as time goes by. As of now, 
Kenny, Shireen and Sameer!

Make sure they know nothing of it, otherwise, we would have to get the game dirty.


Numb he was, in the span of a night, his loyalty, his trust, his commitment towards his manager Rajiv and the company seemed to betray him. He could not believe it was happening to him, he wanted to run away, but wait, what if someone sees him and he happens to be the eye keeping a close look. 


"Isha, I am here, come upstairs", displayed a text message by Rahul.

"Coming!", she replied and went swiftly to the terrace where Rahul was already there. Isha, was too scared and too perplexed to say anything. 

I know you are confused, let's move to some where else before we catch someone's eye. I have a plan, lets get down with the help of the adjoining tree or with the support of the pipe.

What? This is your plan, are you mad, how do you think I would be able to execute either of them?

Hold me tightly, and we have no time to waste, Sameer needs us. Lets go.

They got down from Isha's house.

I have my car parked few metres away. I'll tell you everything.

You have got on to my nerve, now tell me, please Rahul.

Isha, we have to save Sameer, he is in trouble, deep trouble. Rajiv has screwed him, and now we have only. Damn it, 200 minutes, roughly.

to be continued............

next chapter -> Part 5: Danger unknown, Yet
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