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Those drawing classes.......

I entered the classroom, eyes searching for that one corner of the room from where I won't be visible to the teacher, feet trembling and voice shaking as rest of the classmates greeted me. My mind preoccupied with some thought, which was then so fearful. I did not know how to hide my emotions then.
Rang the bell, and with that my heart started beating faster. I, for once, felt if others could also hear my heartbeats. They were loud, and clear, and scary.
The next class was the drawing class, the reason of my discomfort, something which always gave me a lot more than negative vibes and inferiority complex. I could not draw, irrespective of the fact that I tried hard, really hard........................ sometimes......

And that "sometimes" was generally the day before the submission..........
Anyways, back to the D-day. All of us were supposed to submit a chart, with whatsoever made on it. I peeped into my chart, and after that I was too scared to show it to anyone else.
Then, entered the teacher. To everyone's surprise, she did not ask for the submission of the charts, instead asked us to make something in our sketchbooks, An Ice-cream parlour.
Though, certain students who were really good at drawing, tried to remind her twice.

I happily and enthusiastically took my sketch book, and my pencils, eraser, sharpener, scale, and everything it needed to make a drawing except for the idea to kick start the draw.
I started to draw, and soon I heard the bell ring. Once again, instead of drawing, I was lost in thoughts. And the only thing I could draw on the paper was this.

With a 2 on 10, and a slap on both the cheeks, I was left lamenting.

I somehow managed to pass the drawing exam, and vowed not to ever try may hand at drawing.

It was one of those rarest days when I break the promises I have made in my life, and the result was.......

This is what I can at best maneuver on such days............
I am OFF.....

Rain Bribed Me......

Rain bribed me...!!

Because I have been a lover of rain, it has always succeeded in bribing and manipulating me its way. Today I can recall numerous instances from the past, I feel nostalgic, with a lil moisture in my eyes, I recall those instances when rain, did bribe me. 
I got a low score in the class, and got scolded by the teacher. I was angry and furious with God, and almost vowed not to pray for anything from him. But then, it rained, B e a u t i f u l l y !!!
And I forgot everything, Rain bribed me...!!

I wished for a cricket bat on my 12th birthday. At the end of the day, I didn't get one. I was angry and furious with God, and almost vowed not to pray for anything from him. But then, it rained, B e a u t i f u l l y !!!
And I forgot everything, Rain bribed me...!!

I was cheated of things that I deserved, I had to bear the consequences of something I did not do, I was unwillingly made to accept the mistakes I did not commit, I lost a few I loved so much, I had to console myself saying, next time, when I saw no gates opened, I searched for windows and keyholes to look for a glimmer a hope when all the doors seem closed, but never did I lose my faith in God, perhaps because I believe HE still exists, or may be because, every time, it rained B e a u t i f u l l y !!!
And I forgot everything, Rain bribed me...!!

I realize I never wanted it to rain, but it was probably God's way of soothing and pacifying me. Today when I step out of my place, I wish it rains because I have been seeing it rain tears for quite a while......

Rain, come bribe me...............

Love is in the air...!!!!

Dreams, dreams for me are actually the things that we want to happen. When we close our eyes and go unconscious, it is our subconscious that comes into act. The subconscious that knows what we want, by heart and by soul. It is this subconscious that makes us see what our heart wants us to see.

I probably wanted to see that, I wanted to live a fairy tale for once, for one day, for some moments. A far away land, far away from reality, far away from gloominess, with only bliss in the air, and scented aroma in that land. A pleasing silence which has that praiseworthy simplicity. Flowers, rose petals pouring down, slowly, slowly, blended with a slight breeze, turning the whole scenario into a very loving one.With music playing in the background, which soothes you, and makes you smile every second. The ears longing to hear the music. In the land, there are rooms, rooms lighted with dim lights and candles. Where you can just feel the love that is in the air. And then, having spent time there with my loved one being with me just added to the delight and made the place eternal and immortal in my memory.

We were there, we were just looking at each other, and all that could have made the ambience more lovely was there. And as I cuddled her, I could feel the softness resembling that of a rose, and her smile restored the meaning of purity in my mind. Her eyes had that innocence that has long been erased away from mother earth. I was flabbergasted with the simplicity in her gestures. I was in awe of her and the moment.
Though it was uncalled for, for the dream to end, but I suppose my subconscious could not hold it longer enough for the sake of my fantasy. I woke up to the reality that there is no such land, no such paradise, no such aroma, no such ambience that exists, but something does, someone does :)

Love is in the air...!!

Life is an art!!!

I walked down the road on a peaceful morning, bright sunshine, with the chirp of birds providing music to my ears. I could see kids on the verge of adolescence riveted in a game of cricket. I could see little girls playing nearby, some aunties busy talking, some old aged people also involved in good deal of conversation.

With the arena around me being so light, I decided to take a round of the society park so that I get to know how the people are, around me, so that I can add to my glossary, some more linguistics.

Off late my life has been a haste, and I wanted to have a feel of the ease and the simplicity of life.

As I looked at the kids playing and exuberating with joy time and again, I harked back to those lovely times when I had the liberty to let loose certain things, when I had the freedom to commit mistakes and get away with them.

As I looked at the budding youngsters, I harked back to the times when just shouting also gave me pleasure, when marks mattered less and friendship mattered more.

I wished, I could only do that now, I controlled my tears, I have no liberty now. I chose a path less taken, and I am quite satisfied and more than happy that I chose to take that road.
But does life mean a compromise?
Do we always have to put something at stake to be big?
Do success and happiness not go hand in hand?

Is life all about how we prioritize things, how we maintain an equilibrium between things we desire?

Is life all about we bothering to prove how badly we want certain things?

These are the questions with long trailing question marks and if lend some time might provoke some thought......

After all, Life is an art!!!

Fear is necessary :)

A fear of falling of the bicycle when learning to ride it......a fear of failure in exams when you aren't prepared...a fear of facing the crowd....a fear of proposing your valentine.......a fear that you might fail at the biggest stage......

If we choose to look at such things in life, we would realize that a large portion of our lives is ruled by these fears...there lies a fear in our subconscious, a fear that we don't realize....a fear that we do not know exists.....a  fear that we can't find a basis for??

Apprehension: Will India win the world cup??
Anxiety: Why did mom called me home early??
Concern: Did my girlfriend reach home safely??
An Alarm: This thing has to go right, otherwise everything will turn foul...
Urgency: Completing the assignment minutes before submission...
Excitement: A feeling of excitement of a director before a movie release....

All the above mentioned feelings are the manifestations of fear in one form or the other. We don't realize them, or perceive them as fears, but they are so inevitable..

Of all the fears that we hold in our lives (knowingly or unknowingly), a fear of failure, embarrassment, a fear that a thing might turn out the favorable way, these are the ones that dominate our mind and the subconscious.

It is because of this fear that we are not able to achieve what we want to, we are not able to get the best out of ourselves.
Having said that, I still believe that such fears are somewhat necessary, had it not been for such fears, I would not have landed where I am presently. I would not have been the person I am now, I would not have got what I have been blessed with..

I believe that it is the loss due to these fears that is compensated by the blessings showered by the Almighty...
Somethings in life, are necessary.. Fear also is, for us to be ourselves and to land where we don't desire but in a place where the sunshine of blessings and a rain of mist covers us :)

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