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Call Summary

We spoke at length, that was a welcome call. We hadn't spoken to each other for quite a while now, it had almost been 3 months. As soon as I put the call down, there was a different feeling. I knew I was missing her despite talking to her for nearly 3 hours. I typed a text message to send it to her.

It is so nice always to speak to you, I had been missing this for so long J

As I was about to send this, my phone beeped. I knew it was going to be her message. After immediately sending my message, I opened the text I had received.

Felt amazing speaking to you after so long, you know what, I was missing this J

We had this strange connection of speaking the same thing at the same time. And though we had broken up some time back, we still had that same connection. We then chatted via sms for hours too. We knew how important we were for each other. Memories came flooding back. Those late night chats during college, enjoyment during fests, awesome trips to hill stations, meeting during exams, discussing life's trivia, everything! It all seemed just there, marching past me.

As we moved from college to corporate, things became a bit different. Differences started to creep in and though there was a feeling of concern always and a connection between hearts persisted, a layer of rust managed to settle. At one point of time, I had to make myself believe that my worst fears had come true. That phase was difficult and kept becoming hostile by the time.

What a turnaround life has been. Once a canvas was painted, today only blank pages to be seen.
I don't know what is going to happen after today's call but when I go to sleep tonight, I would hope that my dreams take me to the world which once existed.... "Jahan meri zindagi mujhse, itni khafa nahi...."

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  1. ur post has a feel-good factor to it... nice read :)

  2. I could connect to this..it was so precise yet so much was conveyed !
    It's so natural to talk to someone for hours at length and yet miss them the moment you part...maybe that's love, that's life :)

    Wishing you luck for the competition!

    Take Care

  3. enjoyed reading ! a good one ...

  4. That was such a simple write up. Fact or fiction that felt like an honest write up. Sometimes the bonds made young are the ones that last the longest.


  5. @Apala: Thankyou! :)

    @Fatima: Life and love go hand in hand!
    Thanks for your wishes! :)

    @TTT: Thankyou, good luck to you too..

    @Richi: True that :) Bonds made young last the longest :)

  6. Hi

    Good One...Yours is proof that you dont need very long posts to make an impact! Enjoyed the read :)

  7. Beautifully written. Such a sweet and a true feel story. Best Luck for BAT.

  8. Neat indeed. Been there. Felt that....

    I like this blogathon series...very well written.

  9. @Jaish_Vats: Hi Jaish, welcome here, hope you liked it! :)

    @DS: Good luck to you too! :)

    @Chintan: Blogaton indeed is amazing, thankyou! :)

  10. Beautifully expressed. Sometimes life takes turns even when we don't want or after we turn we come to know what we really want :-)

  11. very touching story.. nice feeling after talking to someone special after a long break..

  12. I know you are going to win this time. Short, simple and beautiful post from your pen Animesh.. Keep writing..

    Someone is Special

  13. well,spare me... honestly, you had the potential to be better than this one :)

  14. Nice, short and sweet, Animesh.Kind of stuff lots of people can easily relate to.

  15. Nicely written Animesh - straight forward! Thanks for the post!

    Cheers!!! do stop by my blog, Kappu

  16. @Aativas: Yeah! Agreed. Thankyou! :)

    @Rani: It is a brilliant feeling, trust me :)

    @SiS: Ahh, so nice of you to have said that, I wish so! Thanks a lot for dropping by bro :)

    @Viva_andya: I trust you, I second you! :)

    @The Fool: I would be glad if I could connect to my audience :)

    @Kappu: Thankyou! Will visit your blog too..

  17. Crisp...very good...All the best

  18. short and sweet. "Once a canvas was painted, today only blank pages to be seen." seems like a story that connects so many lives Animesh. i loved this line a lot :)
    thanks for sharing...

  19. @RajRupa: Thankyou! :)

    @N.S.Kirti: The pleasure is all mine :)

    @Ash: Thanks! :)

    @Philo: Thankyou! :)


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