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And the 20th bottle of beer was down!

That had to be the most craziest of the nights. They were partying like there was going to be no tomorrow. One of them was going to get married soon, to his long time lover. So, they decided to live their college days once again.


"Come on dude! You got to manage this, it is Aman's bachelor trip. All of us haven't met together since college. It has been 5 years man. Please make it. Call back when you get the voice mail."

I don't think he'll be able to manage it. Life of an investment banker isn't easy. You get loads of money but have no life!

Ahh, not that we have an option anyways, we have to make sure that everyone tries and makes it. Lets call up the other guys.


"Guys, I would try my best. Can't assure much though. Please go ahead and make the plan, let's make Aman have the time of his life."

"I am sorry but something really urgent has come up at work. There is some glitches in our systems that we need to sort out. I feel pathetic to be at such a responsible position but don't think I will able to manage."

"Hey guys, I have not been able to get the flight bookings done yet. I'll be booking them today in the evening. I won't be able to be present for the entire week. I shall be leaving mid way but lets rock it whatever time we get."

"Hey guys, something urgent! Can we have a call? It is about Aman's bachelors!"

These are the replies we have. I told you brother organizing this bachelors and having all 7 of us together would not be possible. I don't think 7 days would be possible and even if we cut on the days, there is no assurance that all of us would make it.

I know. What can we do, lets not fiddle with the dates because the more we postpone it, the more unrealistic it would keep becoming. Lets tell Aman that the bachelors in On.


7 more beers please!

Ohh God, those were the days. College was life. You know guys I must confess that I had absolutely no life after that. Corporate was some stuff in the beginning but I soon realized that the fun went missing. This trip was so necessary.


To be honest I never thought this trip would be possible. All of us were so hooked up in our lives. I am glad we took out time and manged it.

Cheers for Aman!!

Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

Confessions after confessions kept on coming. While some of them were obvious, some of them took them off like a cyclone. And then the next course of action was being decided.

7 totally drunk guys making a list of shady things to do. Philosophy intoxicated with alcohol has an effect that is mesmerizing and laughter-inducive to the viewer. It exemplified that precisely.

5 and a half years it had been since college, scenarios changed so did people around them, cities changed and so did the cultures around them but what did not change was the friendship they once carved years back.

They had a deal amongst themselves that whoever gets married will have to do one thing suggested by each one of them on the bachelors party. It was Aman's turn to tick the tasks on the list presented to him. The crazy celebrations were on their way!

The list was made after a lot of discussions amongst the rest and no matter how badly Aman wanted to refuse but a deal done was a promise made!

Like all good things the trip also came to an end but they made sure that the stuff they did would not be discussed again. They lived the time of their lives before their other commitments called out for priority. A hug in the end, those glittering eyes and a smile on the faces were a reassurance of the fact that life is not counted by years but by moments because when days will pass and years will go by all we would remember is we chose listening to the heart, hence created memories down the lane.

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