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Time Travel

At some point of time or the other in our lives, all of us must have thought about having a time machine. What if we could back in time and change things that we felt should not have happened, or just witness certain things in past, may be just being an invisible person and watching around everything like a wandering soul. What if we could just go ahead in the future and see what lies there. All these questions which seem so strikingly fascinating make a time machine all so desirous.

If a time machine was ever possible, I would have visited the future not to unravel what it has in store for me, that perhaps would make life less magical, less mystical, instead I would visit it to witness the end of the world, that day in 2012 when it is presumed to be scheduled. I’ll rather just be there to witness the hysteria all around, to see what I’ll be doing then in the final few hours. Will the world really come to an end, and if yes, how?

It would be interesting to observe how everything would change for that one final day. The doomsday would be the only day money would be powerless, and would be there for the taking, there won’t be any fear of burglary and theft. Sleep, one of the most priceless assets would not be pursued, for everyone is going to be asleep in a few while. When breaking a window pane won’t call for a repair and when eating and drinking won’t be as much fun as they are deemed to be.

To see all this happen would be interesting for sure, but what would be more interesting would be to sight that the end did that was vouched for did not happen. There would be ruckus for sure. All the actions in the preceding two hours might just have to be regretted, a shopkeeper might regret giving all its goods for free to everyone as the world was supposed to end. A thief might regret a chance that he let go by just because he knew the end was here. Merely, a thought is exciting enough.

Another reason that calls for a peak into the future might be the advent of robots and machinization. Though we have had TV shows and cartoons giving glimpses about how the future might be shaped up for us, but to actually be in a world where we have everything at our command with a tinge of perfection would be inexplicable.

If destiny may have it, we might just get to see a time machine as the next big thing in the world of innovation. Though from a superficial point of view, it sounds amazingly fantastic, but then everything in life comes with its own terms and conditions. There might be a cost to pay for fast forwarding to the future that we might have to pay. To live it with an element of uncanniness is something that was chosen, and to not fiddle with it might well perhaps be the finest things to do.

But then who knows we all might have come here in this generation through a time machine only, perhaps, we don’t realize it. Ponder over it, for it might just be the case.


  1. I wish I could do that since I saw Terminator. Though it was sending someone from the future...

    Yeah, even I want to know that too:)

  2. Yeah, i wanna be back as a kid and want my childhood back with that time machine.

  3. There are a lot of things all of us would want to do with the time machine... I would love to go back to may of 2010 and not have a fight with my maternal grandmother as those turned out to the last things I ever said to her....
    such wishes are unending... for the past and for the future..

    Lovely post.
    What I liked best thought, was the last line. It really is something that could be true but we don't know of it. We could be the doreamon of someone's life, we just don't remember it.

    (P.S. Doreamon is a cartoon based on the concept of a futuristic robot cat come in the past to help a child 'Nobita')

  4. @Saru: :)
    @Ruchi: Most of us would want to re-live our childhood if given a chance. Isn't it?
    @Janhvi: Thanks a lot jojo for appreciating the post. Yes, I have seen Doraemon and liked the concept :)


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