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Black and White

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Black and white were the only colors his life was all about. For the past 3 years, he had been in the profession  he never thought he would land in. He used to say that, "I would often be doing things that I don't like but those would be the ones most important and almost a necessity".

Rohan came from a well-off family and used to be the topper of his school till the time he did not meet Mihika. Mihika was Rohan's senior in school. They first met bitterly when Rohan accidently hit Mihika while playing basketball and she retaliated, but what followed was in complete contrast. In order to avenge their anger, they kept confronting each other, a bit too often. Soon, the people around them started to feel the care in the way they fought.

Rohan got carried away by rumors that were doing the rounds about him and Mihika. His academic performance started to fall steeply. Mihika unfazed by such things kept pushing Rohan to do things that were of benefit to her. Having a rich boyfriend had its own advantage, felt Mihika. He did not realize it till the time he had lost all his appetite for studies and when Mihika left him saying he was good for nothing.

After Mihika completed her schooling and joined college, she refused to keep any contact with Rohan. He kept searching her for one year to regain her back but all in vain. His scores in 12th were an all time low for an otherwise illustrious academic career.

After 4 years, Rohan found himself left with nothing but a relentless search for Mihika. While she on the other hand graduated from her college after doing a course in hotel management and was employed in a 5 star hotel.

That day must have been scripted down with a different pen, but it was something surely apart from the normal. As their eyes looked into each other, Rohan and Mihika realized that they were at an inexplicable juncture of their lives. Mihika, who was totally unaware of what a feeling love is, tried but failed to ignore those eyes which said every untold and unheard tales of pain and misery they have been through for the past so many years. Not only was Rohan jobless, he also left his family.

Black and white became the colors of Rohan's life, soon after that meeting between the two. He got the job of a waiter in the same hotel, by Mihika's referral. Nobody knows why Rohan always wanted to be near to Mihika even after being ditched and betrayed by her very evidently. Perhaps he had experienced a feeling that was bigger than anything else, even bigger than his own intellect which could have taken him to places galore. Another fact that nobody knows; Why did Mihika refer Rohan for that job when she had herself left him years ago. The kind of girl she was, she would never feel pity for people she dumped.

These are the 2 questions that remain un-answered till date. One loved the other so madly, while the other took advantage whenever she got a chance. They complemented each other in the same way light complements darkness and black complements white.

Anybody knowing Rohan would believe him when he said, "I would often be doing things that I don't like but those would be the ones most important and almost a necessity". This statement made so much sense.

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  1. A well thought out story. I liked your take on this theme. All the best for BAT.

  2. There are so many Rohan's living their life for the sake of Mihika and there so many Mihika use those Rohan's just the way you said.. I loved your take on the theme black and white. Best wishes to you and you have a happy news, check BAT Voting post.. The simple reason is if I can consider the ones who wrote after few hours of deadline then why not yours? and that too a competitive post for the theme.

    Someone is Special

  3. @D2: Thank you buddy, good luck to you too :)

    @SiS: Thank you so so much for being so considerate, I feel happy now :)

  4. "They complimented each other in the same way light compliments darkness and black compliments white." touching line.... very pragmatic. loved your take.. all the best..

  5. Short and simple story narrated in an intriguing style. Could do with a bit of proof reading and editing though.

  6. @viva_andya: Thank you, good luck to you too.

    @The Fool: Still learning :) Thankyou!

  7. Nice and predictable,you have a good narrative style,probably the choice of words is something you might want to look at.Otherwise a nice story captured well in a few words.

  8. Some things can be so obstinate!
    All the best.
    Love in itself is black and white.

  9. @Gyanban: Thank you Sir! Both for the advice and the compliment :)

    @Enchanta: What makes you say that?

  10. "I would often be doing things that I don't like but those would be the ones most important and almost a necessity" .................... this statement is so true it may hole true in may peoples life.....a different story i wud say...... i will just say rohan is mad ....he should realize and look forward for his life is worthy to , live too............ cheers ...keep writing.....

    rajathecritic - BLACK AND WHITE

  11. Thank you Raja for your time and comments :)

  12. A sad end to the story. I am not sure I agree with what Rohan did here,though. All the best for BAT

    1. May be Rohan was blinded, even I would also not want to be in his shoes.
      Good luck to you too Vikram :)

  13. a nice draw on black and white..:)


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