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That last night

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She ran away as if wishing to never see me again. I stood there, regretting my decision of waiting to propose her on the farewell night. Perhaps, love doesn't need an occasion, it just happens, no rhyme, no reason, it just happens!

The rain was getting harder by the minute. When everyone was busy clicking pictures and promising to stay in touch, it was time for me to get back to the hostel. Those 20 minutes were the longest 20 minutes I've ever had.   When I let out the emotion I had kept in my heart for the past 4 years, I felt betrayed by hands of fate.

The intensity in the hostel was amazing with loud music being played and plans about going out for the night being made. It was no longer the place I had been living in for the past so many months. Everything about that night seemed different, completely in contrast to how I thought it to be. I looked out from my window and could see the joy and happiness around, which somehow wasn't the case with me.

I could not sleep the entire night. It was around 6 in the morning that I moved out of my room. The hostel was quiet for the first time in the last 24 hours. The emotion of farewell had got to everybody. Now, the very thought of not being able to live in that place, curse the mess food, the hygiene, every possible feeling started to creep in.

Looking down from the third floor, the place we used to play cricket would soon be taken over by our juniors. Those peacocks moving around the hostel will not be the first sights in the morning anywhere. The chirping of birds would never be heard so clearly. That rush to make it to mess timings for meals would not be there. There won't be any queue to have food, neither would anyone steal the sweet dish from your plate. 

It is strange how memories can come flooding to you in a second and leave you in a moment when the last thing you want is solitude!

All this while when I was embraced by the memories I thought I would never cherish, my phone beeped and it was a message from her reading......

I really did not know what to say when you proposed me, so I thought I would just write everything so that you don't misunderstand me. I have kept that piece of paper on the attached to the tree where we met today. Reach there soon, it's really windy out there.

I took off like a guy with tail set on fire, wishing I would also get to meet her one last time. I reached there soon and took the letter.

If the night was not enough, this was another shocker for me.
I looked at rain gods as if hoping for them to masquerade my tears yet again with the raindrops.

The farewell night turned out to be my last meeting with her eventually, leaving some memories to be cherished and a few lessons to be learnt.

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  1. College crushes & puppy love...why do always end up sad?
    ATB for BAT :)

  2. And the lesson to be learnt is that spontaneity is the best way you can achieve what you want... Because if you want something and you choose to wait for a better moment to have it, you would never feel the euphoric joy of having it a moment later.

    I don't know if that made sense... But pain teaches us too much. And I bet we would rather stay in denial...

    Read both the connected posts. Loved it. :)

  3. True... sometimes we keep waiting for "perfect"... and we miss the "perfectly right" too. Times change. Situations change. And before you know it... it's too late.

  4. Love as does Life, should never be approached with planning. The only two things that will smile back at u if u jump into them with both feet, right from the word 'Go'! :)

  5. Very poignant... simply loved the post, especially the letter by the girl. There is a touch of reality in the story. All the best .

  6. Maybe that was the best thing to happen for both of you. Looks harsh from one perspective but the truth is love should be honest.

  7. I was sort of waiting for this one...to know wht happened after "I Wish..."!!!

  8. aaah, the sad tale, really saddening. the letter, I must say, is a piece of art. real awesome choice of words. It looks so easy, to write a proposal or a rejection, but, it's really a task to choose utmost appropriate words. I remember Abraham lincoln, having torn, first two love letters mid way, as one was too long, and other too discreet, third letter he had posted.
    excellent penmanship.
    p.s.,to lighten your mood, when Abraham Lincoln was rejected later, he had written, "nobody is to blame, I made a fool of myself"

  9. Nice realistic narration. Read both the pieces.

  10. @Rinaya: I have no clue :) But I am sure not all of them have a sad ending.

    @Enchanta: Firstly, I am glad that you have read my post well in time :)
    And I totally agree with you on the viewpoint!

    @Chicky: Times change :)

  11. @Shilpa: Beautiful thought, truly! :)

    @Vikram: Thanks a lot buddy! :)

    @Aativas: It is not my story dude :) Anyways, sigh :D

  12. @Rochak: I hope I didn't let you down :)

    @Pramod: I am honoured. And those words by Abraham Lincoln, well, they did make me chuckle :D

    @Bhargavi: Thankyou :)

    @The Fool: Thanks a lot..

  13. Read both the parts, and like you said, could capture the beauty of the spontaneous flow of words and feelings of the protagonist. How difficult it is really to be parted forever from the one you love and from whom you expect the same return. Anyway, life has to move on. Beautiful narration. All the best.

  14. sad :) always happens when left untold :)

    all the best <3

  15. Nice well written sad story. Read both the parts and as you said, both of them are complete by itself but adds to the beauty together.

  16. @Cherry Blossom: It indeed is very very difficult. Thanks! :)

    @Sankar Shaji: Thank you :)

    @lIl hIgH: Totally my pleasure :)

  17. "Loved you once.. Goodbye" - Bro, sad, tears and what could I say? "Never late when you want to Propose" - Loved it.. I'm planning to put this in Few Miles page as this week pick.. SmileS..

  18. @SiS: Thank you so much bro, means a lot!

  19. god one...close to reality..many loe stories end llike this in college life...

  20. Yea :) College love.

    Very nice read Animesh. I could relate to it so easily :)

    The plot was a bit too simple... but your writing made it worthwhile.

  21. Your writing was excellent. College life is filled with many such stories and few good voices to tell the tales. Good one here. :)

  22. @Chetan: Thank you buddy!

    @Kshitij: Now that makes me happy :)

    @D2: I am overwhelmed now, thank you :)

  23. Nice topic to write on...Well written and overall well put down.

  24. Loved reading it.
    Rain masquerading the tear..good one

  25. Lovely entry... and I loved the prose in the header... :) first visit and really an experience.. :)

  26. @logic: Thanks a lot for appreciating the entire thing and that particular phrase too :)

    @goingbeyondthepages: A very very warm welcome to penning down the mind :)
    I am glad that my first impression was nice, hoping to see you more often, thanks a lot :)


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