A world waiting to be explored

Life smiled back at them..

Five of them!

It was a crazy night, rather they made it one. The next day was their last college exam. All of them were well placed in envious organizations already. Effectively, they had nothing to lose. Four years of engineering had clearly taken a toll on each one of them. So, they decided to prepare like they never did.

They had been staying together for the last semester exams. Five of them in one hostel room!
They thankfully had prepared sufficiently for the first two exams but this last one, they knew was the last time they were studying together. It was supposed to be in afternoon the next day. And that meant, they had only one night to prepare.

An intense discussion was on as one of them saw the hourglass emptied.

Damn! It's past 8 pm guys. One more session of this discussion and then we will study. Ok?

"Yes!", everyone claimed in unison as he turned the hourglass and everything carried on rhythmically.

They did not realize that they haven't yet checked out how much they had to prepare, or rather they chose to overlook that; the discussion at hand was of utmost interest.

"Would you marry a girl knowing that she isn't a virgin?"

It is a special power that people have. They are never short of topics during exams.

"Lets head out for dinner", said one of them pointing to the hourglass which, to everyone's surprise was empty in what-they-felt no time. Everyone agreed. Though they had the option of eating in the mess but that would fly out of equation since two of them were not hostelers. 

As they moved out of the room, they ran downstairs, each of them announcing that they would drive the car. It was a long journey from third floor to the hostel parking. The one who owned the car never had the keys. Interestingly, he would be the only one who would be vouching the least to drive the car. Having not realized that they have spent 20 minutes taking each other's case and deciding who is finally driving, what they realized was that they forgot to lock their hostel room!

Another discussion concerning who takes on the uphill journey and accomplish the task, followed. Finally two of them agreed, they supposedly had a realization that they were wasting time. 

Maruti 800 was the coveted car. For some reason, each one of them were emotional about the car too. To put it plain and simple, they just loved it. Soon, they were at their dining place, which was a restaurant with no seating facility and their favourite dish not available. They started to search for options. Some were too costly for their budget and for others, the five of them did not agree mutually. They finally had to settle for the cheapest majority-agreed option.

Shall we move to the hostel? I haven't read a word. I am gonna fail tomorrow.

Yes, bastard you were gonna fail in Digital Circuits too, where you ended up scoring 16 on 20. We are gonna play pool now. What say?

Three of them agreed instantly as the other two frowned. For the good or for the bad, the decision was made. They headed towards the pool club.

Table for 1 and half hours.

Yeah Yeah, you guys play your heart out today and bleed tomorrow afternoon.

Sit down and study, I guess you've got those notes here. Don't ruin the night. We know we're gonna pass anyway.

All of them smiled silently as if truth had been spoken. They felt a sense of superior air around them.

One and a half hours passed and the return drive was underway. As they entered the college gate, the car was turned towards the ground.

What now?

Basketball court, baby! Lets have some fun, I am sure no one is in the mood to study at the moment. Sleep is embracing me, I need some time out. Everyone with me?

A silence meant plan was on. One hour passed by and each one of them was unanimous about kick-starting study for the night. By the time they reached the room, it was 1.30 am already. One of them walked up straight to the hourglass and turned it upside down. That gesture meant it was time for one hour of senseless yet unavoidable discussion.

What's going on dude? Ananya seems to be all over you these days. Farewell day gonna see some proposal.

Laughter cheered past the silence on the third floor as the next three hours saw instances of some great one liners, undying hysterical outbursts along with tremendous weather. While pages of their books remain unturned, they scripted experiences in their journey of life. The night moved on as each of them left it to the morning and dozed off.

Making their last exam together memorable was just a reason, I am sure that they have many tests to endure together. They laughed and giggled and life, well, it just smiled back at them!


  1. I am assuming they all passed with flying colours!
    Nice one - brought back great memories :)

  2. Almost like a record-keeping... a diary of a few moments. No lectures. No morals. No conclusions. Liked it.

    Arvind Passey

  3. That was more of a trip down memory lane! Awesome! :)
    Loved it, actually :)

  4. The crazy day. :)

  5. @Rickie: We did Rickie, thankyou! :)

    @Passey Sir: Thanks a lot :)

    @Akanksha: Down the memory lane, yes :)

    @Anonymous, Ash: Yes guys, it was a crazy crazy night, miss it so much :)


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