A world waiting to be explored

Random whims and fancies

So much so that nobody cares anymore. Happy to go with the flow. That tide once in a while which used to matter is now lost somewhere in time. People who love you would come and tell you what they have learnt from life. Take a cue (really?).

An extreme moment of anger. And then an almost compulsive playing down. Why? Because anger breaks, never makes? And what about the positive sides of venting anger out? An optimist will see that, and those who claim they are should apparently sight that too!

Not a materialistically destructive person but if I break things harmlessly that should make me feel good. At least I'm not hurting others. (Oh Please!!)

Shallow as I say. Shallow!!

Run. Come on. Faster. See, that lad who is 10 yards behind you is catching up every moment (which is technically 90 seconds, did you know that?). And we follow suit. Almost naturally. Justified because we're competitive. Don't answer me, ask yourself. Once. Twice. Again. One more time.

Randomness is very much a part of everything we do. But that in no way means we go for things yielding us the best perceived expected value. (This is stats by the way, expected values and all)

I have tears in my eyes. But you won't see it because I am not crying out rightly. And it would need a pure soul to go beyond the realms of hypocrisy to gauge it, or may be a very loving soul who sees it right past my heart.

And I don't care about the rest, may be I do. Sigh. Such is life.


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