A world waiting to be explored

The Push we need...


I know not the rules but I'll play the game being pushed against the walls and the cuboid converging with each passing second. But you know what is the most fantastic thing about this game?

Everyone has to play it.

It tries, tests, suffocates, blows you off but doesn't kill you. And that is something scary.
People often accept death over adversities. Never have that kind of attitude because the attribute you take inside that room is what you come out with, only to be amplified. 


I put my pen down and reclined back on my chair. Rubbing my eyes, I moved towards the other end of the room pushing aside the curtains & let the dawn set my study room for a new day. My gaze at school kids going to the bus stop was hampered by a knock at the door.

"Did you sleep well yesterday, son?"

"Yes Ma, I did. The new bed is very comfortable"

She asked me for tea to which I said yes. And then she left the room smiling and handing over the newspaper to me. This was something that took place everyday. My mother knew I would sleep in the day after she has left for office. She was one person who understood in soul and flesh what life is, if personified. She understood the black box I had entered and was prepared to let me traverse my way out of it. The last one year had been her struggle too.

She was strong, strong enough to know that her son needed to kneel before he could take a leap.

I went back to my desk and turned back a few pages silently reading something I had written a few nights back..


At some point in your lives, you are going to be directed towards something you don't like but something you need. It is nasty. But when you swim out the ocean and drive down the mountain, make sure you turn back and thank the person who did you in. God manifests himself in various forms.


I looked up holding the manuscript as my mom entered the room with tea. She put it on the table as I looked at her with affection and gratitude and she, well, just smiled back knowing that her son was radiating the wisdom she pushed him from the cliff for.


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