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Two tales of love!

We grow up thinking that when we find our special ones, the moment would be the one made in heaven. These two tales goes out to all who have had weird proposals but appear extremely adorable in hindsight.

Every time I told her I hated something, she'd gift me that the very next day. It flustered me. My room is stuffed with things I detested at one point in time. Today when I look back, I understand what she was doing all this while. Not gifts, but lessons.

I don't dislike those things as much. Give time and everything, inadvertently, starts to make sense. All a part of a big puzzle. Sometimes people ask me how did I reciprocate?

Well, I told her, long back, that I hated her. Today, my eyes well up when I see our kids play with those 'detested' things as she recites to them, one of the most unique proposals.

Every night I'd write a story on a piece of paper and slide it across to the balcony adjoining her room and she would return the paper continuing the story on the reverse side of the page.
Every night, I used to make up the love story and she tried to break it until one day when she could no longer make it fall apart.

Today they ask me what did I have to do to marry her?
And I tell them - 365 days of toiling through circumstances which I know would never happen.


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