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Patience Son , Patience .!!!

As a kid , I wanted to be famous , to become a celebrity , may be a filmstar or a cricketer .
As years passed , the zeal gradually started to fizzle out . As I grew up , I saw people of nearly the same age as mine succeeding and making a name for themselves . I would often sit back and look up at the sky and question
"Why not me ?" and "Why everyone else ?"
Immediately , it used to rain which I deciphered as a signal and as a voice silently whispering , " Patience Son , Patience !!!!"
And I would trust the voice . I would sometimes use it as a trick . Whenever it did not rain or it was hot outside , I would find myself a reason to complain and pose questions at Him for being biased , sometimes it rained .!!!
One day , while coming back from school , I saw a blind person unable to cross the road , I helped Him cross the road .
As I was going away , He called me back and moved his hand over my head and blessed me .

Moments later.....
I saw an old lady walking in the park as I was passing by . Suddenly she fell down , I went running to her , supported her
to get up . As I was moving away , She called back . As I turned around , I saw the blind person and the old lady standing , I could very easily visualise Mother Mary And Jesus smiling in front of me . I didnt say anything , nor did they .
I stood there for 5 minutes after which my spiritual spell was broken by a friend of mine who came running to me
and congratulated me as I had won a scholarship of Rs. 10,000 . I myself didn't know what happened in those 5 minutes but I did realise

No matter what we have achieved in life , there are secrets that we never tell to anyone , there are happenings which we can't explain ,
the best deeds done by us are always a silent passer by.....
Whatever is yours will be accredited to your account at the most appropriate time.....
You just need to trust Him when He signals that the bad patch is transient.....

Patience Son , Patience .!!!!


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