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Tag Joys With Importance !!!

I wish I were a bird, I would have flied away, spread my wings apart and felt air moving across my face. More so this desire because then I would have been away from the stress, away from the negativity of life. Though every joy has some sorrows associated with it and that I guess, is so very necessary because then we will forget to tag our joys with importance.
I ponder over a thought that at some point of time in our lives, we all must have lend a thought to. That thought is, "However hard may try life still leaves us with an ever lasting regret". That, I guess is God's way of telling that everything is not there to be accredited to your account. That is probably why the race to win the best prize has maximum number of hurdles. That is probably why the quest to the the ephemerals is easier.

I feel we need to understand the importance that is tagged to everything because once we fail to respect, there just isn't a way that we'll be able to carve out to get to the desirable.
I feel God wants us to realise that having an insatiable urge will only hurt, life has its gifts "for sale(no conditions apply)", its sooner than later that we realise it.


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