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Messenger Of God !!

Go read out, Go fly away !!!!
Go spread the word, Go fly away !!!

These were the words spoken by God when He sent his messenger to the world, to India. As he landed here, he took out the scroll that was given to him with the above to lines scripted on it. He read them and set out on his odyssey with a strong will and proper direction.

As he reached India, he thought of conducting a survey to find out which is that one area in India that needs most rectification. He met a person and asked him, " Which place in India is the one which is in dire need of rescue today ?". He answered the rural areas and went on to name a few. He met the next person and asked the same question and got pretty much the same answer. He kept on meeting people and kept getting almost the same replies every time.
Now that he was convinced with which area to start from, he decided to move to that place. As he was about to shoot, he saw a person and something prompted him to ask one more person. He pursued his inner voice and walked up to him and asked the same question. This time, however the messenger got a different answer and was shocked. The person said, "Delhi".
The messenger said, "I asked a hundred people and each one of them said that the rural areas are in desperate need, so how come you name the capital as the answer ?". That person smiled painfully and said,

"I lived for 35 years in Delhi and have been brought up there. Never during my early stay there did i see pride in the eyes of people when they said they are a DELHIite, but off-late I started to see the pride, a pride which is not seen in the eyes of the people when they say they are an INDIAN. Delhi prospered so much that people living there aren't concerned with the people of INDIA. Delhi had The Metro while  in some states we do not have electricity. Delhi had proper renovations while some areas do not even have residences. And when I realized that materialism has taken over Delhi, I felt choked and found it difficult to stay there."

Just realize how serious this message is. A revolution can be brought about by just talking about it. If all the DELHIites erupt from the slumber, I believe we can have a change and not substitution.

As for the messenger, he is still here between us to make some amends, expecting us to realize the importance of our words so that when we goes back and stands in front of the God, he can have the pride in his smile and happiness in his tears. And that messenger is YOU..!!!!
Each one of you reading this and/or realizing it in some way or the other !!!


  1. the best about is dat d messengers are all of us..nycc..

  2. Very well written, a message that really needs to be spread !!
    But not just amongst Delhites but all of us bcoz the fact is that its hard finding Indians in India anymore..u'll find a gujrati in gujrat, a delhite in delhi , a punjabi in punjab but not an Indian.


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