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Question Mark !!!!!

One night when sleep once again betrayed me, I went out in the balcony and started to look up at the stars. I started making out patterns, one pattern which I could easily make out was a Question Mark ?
Perhaps because my life has never gone through a phase when certainty was there. I smiled looking upwards, indeed I was smiling(rather laughing) at myself. I looked up again....
Question Mark ? Question Mark ? Question Mark ? Question Mark ?........Question Marks everywhere....
I took a deep breath, there was silence all around and I realized that silence can also be comforting sometimes. Since I was going through a phase of introspection those days, I thought this could just be the time I may get some answers. I started to look around to see if there is something else.
I took out a piece of paper and a pen and started to make a wish list. A list of all the things I aspire to achieve. As expected I had written a handful of things and then happened something. As always happens with me, a voice came from within asking me to scribble down what am I doing to achieve the ephemerals on the wish list. I started and within minutes I was finished with the writings.....

I stood up, took out another paper and prepared a list of things I need to do. I knew I was taking a step in the right direction but somehow I was still not convinced, something was holding me back.
I kept writing(rather planning) and then 4 hours later I realized that I had slept in the balcony that night and it rained heavily. I looked at the paper and I was dazed to see that at the end of the list, I had unconsciously written, "I wish it rains !!!!"
I don't remember if I wrote this. I don't know what prompted me to do this but I started to tear off the portion where "I wish it rains " was scripted and suddenly amidst the shining sun and clear sky was a streak of lightning and thunder, I could see the clouds being tore apart, whirlwind, rain and cyclone.
And I was brought to senses, yes, with my mother shouting at me, it was then that I actually woke up, I ran back to my room with the paper folded in my hand. I unfurled the paper there. The words that followed changed the way I used to think and approach life.


I realized that it was something that was always dwelling inside the sub-conscious, may be I was too lame(rather lazy) to go about it.
That night still remains as an unsolved puzzle.....but after that night I rarely saw a question mark in the sky.. :)


  1. hahaha
    nice narrative,

    I believe that the answers are all around, they show themselves when we ask and seek them.

    Nice post.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. yess, they are..!!!
    but i believe sometimes we are lost....lost in the hunt to win, lost in the hunt to succeed, lost !!!!
    I suppose that is where small incidents can bring us back to life. Though, relaxing back and watching life once in a while is something we all should do..... We might not get it again :) :)


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