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Marching past, are the best days of my life..

I know, in the near future there will come a day when I will get up to the feeling when Monday won't provide me the joy of going to college, when a holiday won't mean as much fun and relief as it does now. I know I am very near towards the end of the 4 most beautiful years of my life. I am already feeling the nostalgia, this being also due to the fact that I am more emotional than most guys are.

Today when I sit down to write this post, all the memories come flashing back. For the first time in these 4 years, I feel like attending classes, I miss those lectures not for the "knowledge" imparted but for the bond they strengthened between me and 55 others who went through it with me. I miss those labs which served some other purpose than what they intended to do.

When I stroll past the campus, the old memories march past me. I have, for long been fearing the farewell day, and as time passed, it kept nearing by. And it happened, Yesterday!!!

Much like most of my college mates, I feel I ain't ready to take on the outside world, I call it outside because NSIT, my college, sheltered me for so long. It was a home, a place which I have dated for 4 long years. A place which has done more than bringing about a worthy change in me. A place which saw a boy turning into a man.

I know the day is approaching when I would for the last time walk past NSIT Nescafe, when for the last time, I would enter NSIT labs, when my NSIT hostel room would have to be vacated. I might never again get to lie  with all the friends in the admin (for some reason, the admin always seemed breezier even if it was 40 degrees). 

Well, I guess, it is genuine enough to say that I have spent and lived through the most memorable years of my life and it would really be harsh to expect that life gives me another such phase, another such time-period when I would be in love with everything around me. It is a no-brainer that i'll miss NSIT for all that it gave and all that it took away. 

Words betray me today when I need them in rife
marching past, are the best days of my life....!!!


  1. Best of luck for that outside world Animesh.
    The 4 years are indeed memorable for us.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Thank you Blasphemous!!
    Lovely time indeed, saw the beautiful side of Life....

  3. wonderful outpour of emotions!
    after all nostalgia cant recreate the lost legacy!:)


  4. True!
    That is why time is the most valuable asset.
    Thank you :)


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