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I wanna grow up once again....!!!!

I got up early morning today, and for some reason, sleep betrayed me for the rest of the morning. It was 6:30 in the morning. Though I have my exams in the coming week, but as it always happens I found other trivia to be far more interesting and worthy. As I was figuring out what to study, I found out some greeting cards, some gifts, the ones that I received during my school time. Suddenly there was a sense of accomplishment that I was feeling. Amazing it was, I felt as if I have unearthed something.

The hand made greeting cards were throwing glimpses of innocence galore. I read all of them, and was left with a smile. I was feeling nostalgic, I could realize that. I was missing those friends of mine, those classes, those class teachers. I had also found a greeting card I had made for my favourite teacher, I never happened to give it. Oh, I was too shy!!

My drawer was full of such things. As I went on digging deep into it, I kept finding more and more things. I was being drawn into emotions. A feeling was starting to creep in. Mixed emotions, if one wanna say. I found one register which I had kept for some "heavenly" reason. It was my Mathematics register. At the end of it, were some silly love games. I now remember the names of all the girls I have studied along with. I could also figure out who was the prettiest girl of our class. The one with whom my love compatibility came out to be least. I know she had to be the one. My luck always sucked at such games. I did not realize I had started to laugh a lil.

During that short span, I had lived my childhood days all over again. I knew I have stopped being what I used to be. Perhaps, change is a part of life. It had to happen for the good.

I got to know how crafty I was or how pathetic at drawing I was, but yes, I used to paint well. I also found out my report cards, my performance sheet which showed my performance at my coaching class. It all felt so nice, so different. 

While I was lost in all the memories, the alarm in my cell phone broke through my reverie. Damn, it was 9. People like me want an alarm to get up at even nine in the morning. I collected all the precious priceless belongings and kept them together in a place and in a form where they would resist wear and tear.

As I opened my book, I took out a pen and wrote.....
"Try your best and the due would automatically come to you at appropriate time"

It was a line my teacher used to tell me. 
I wrote --> I smiled................


  1. one thing i truly appreciate in this post
    "Try your best and the due would automatically come to you at appropriate time"
    very well written :)

  2. Yes, my sir told this to me....so important it is to bear in mind that your hard work will always pay off in some form or the other...just keep walking..

    Thank you :)

  3. lovely!:)
    I recently happened to open my folder were i have treasured my childood!I felt the same so i genuinely got connected to this article!:)
    These souvenir gives immense pleasure - Priceless possession!



  4. Priceless as you said :)
    Thank you Minakshi...


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