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So, When do you know it's Love?

 It has been long that this thought has cropped up in my mind and it has happened time and again. So, this would be one of those posts that I used to write in my initial blogging days. Thoughtful and delightful, atleast that is how I see them. Cutting short the build-up I would rather directly jump to my fodder for thought and also the inspiration fro writing this one because the next post would now be atleast 15-20 days later.

Love and friendship, two of the most vital things for existence form the backbone of this post. Without an iota of doubt, I pen down that love is amongst the most difficult things to comprehend, and is often mistaken. 

The cases of infatuation being mistaken as love are umpteen and I believe that it happens with everyone. It happened with me as well. Infact, I would put it as the influence of Bollywood on me that I failed to look at things in a practical way and fell with the heavenly aura, our cinemas have created. But soon after I realized what love is.

What I see love as, may not conform with the universal definition, but I have seen enough to believe that this is what it actually is. This is where I think  Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na  plays a very pivotal role in refining my thoughts. The tagline of the movie which reads "So when do you know it's love" explains nearly everything if one is left to ponder over it.

There is a very fine line between friendship and love and when friendship transforms to love is not known. Falling in love is not a decision that we make but rather a phenomena that takes place no matter how opposed we are to it. Having said that, I would also want to say nobody is opposed to falling in love, it's just the mnemonic that has got negatively stereotyped. If the word "friendship" is replaced with "love" from tomorrow, we would have around thousand cases everyday of people "falling in friendship" with each other.

I have heard enough talks about my link-ups with my best friend and the only thing I thought at it was yes, we are linked, so what? Linked by heart, linked by trust. But does that make us any different than we are. Or merely, a different tag to friendship would be interesting?

With everyone talking about Keep it Simple Silly the whole idea seems to have got lost and it has become more of a cool one liner. Had it not been so, I am sure the world would not have so much trouble figuring out what love is. 

Nothing about love is pre-decided and everything about it is pre-planned. 
You would never have to make effort to fall in love or find love, it would happen to you, naturally, and trust me, you would love it then. Till then, cherish friendship, it's gonna be with you almost as long as you can think.


  1. Wow.... loved the post!

  2. Beautiful worded and played. But, honestly this line, 'Nothing about love is pre-decided and everything about it is pre-planned' is playing in my mind constantly...

  3. a very mature post on this often ms-interpreted yet vital relation of our lives..the fact is that NOTHING in our lives is pre-scheduled and love too follows on the same lines...
    All one needs to be cautious is (or atleast i keep this on my mind) that 'never take permanent decisions for a temporary emotion' :)


  4. agreed Animesh.. you don't have to make effort to fall in love, if it is for you then the love will smash you and sweep you off the floor and you will love it..

    Someone is Special

  5. @jojofeelings: Thanks a lot :)

    @Saru: Really, I am so happy happy :)

    @Sarah: So true, all of us decide some rules which we consider fit for our lives, and fallacies are seen often. Perhaps that why so much discrepancy!

    @SiS: Exactly bro, exactly my point :)

  6. Wonderfully expressed! :)
    Delightful indeed!
    Agree with you..


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