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Life in the Metro

Though the title of the post has striking resemblance to Life in a Metro, but this post is far more important for me to write. For those living in Delhi, they would understand the importance of Delhi Metro, which evidently has made it possible to reach nearly every nook and corner of the Capital. But what holds more importance here is the crowd, the general public, the loyal commuters, who travel everyday and in essence they are the ones who make Delhi Metro all the more happening.

Some 5 years have passed that I have been travelling via Metro, and still when I board the metro every morning, I can see instances which do not fail to amuse and irritate me. I am yet to comprehend what makes people break all bounds of sanity when it comes to vouching for a seat. I wonder if a seat makes that much difference to a politician. One can easily observe a terrible failure of decorum, and notably, the people who pretend to be "so sophisticated" self degrade themselves to the standards of dogs within seconds!

Having spent so much time travelling, I can now retrospect and I realize that Rajiv Chowk still remains the most crowd pulling station. Jokes apart, I realize that in between these journeys were hidden small yet important lessons of life. 
I remember the days when metro stopped in between the journey and I had no option but to wait. Those were the days which taught me that there would be situations when nothing could be done and they are best solved by being patient.
That day when the curly-haired kid was trying to fiddle with my newspaper, was when I realized what innocence is in its purest form and how we start off before becoming what we never intended to.
The way she smiled looking at me were signs of succumbing to gestures that go directly to the heart.

While guys are still pissed off on the concept of a ladies coach, girls continue to feel the need of an extra ladies coach in a 6 coach metro. People continue to talk loudly on the phone as the announcement persists, "Metro me gaana bajana mana hai!"
Each day, each journey in the metro has a thousand stories to say, some moments infuriate me and to some moments my heart holds on, lil quarrels continue to continue as life in the metro goes on....


  1. hi Animesh,
    you know, we Indian lack in one thing and thats called "civic sense"...so its a Metro or any other public place, when it comes to our convenience we simply cross any limit without even thinking of others inconvenience.....

    best wishes,

  2. Wow...you reminded me so much of my days in mumbai locals. I think I learnt a lot during my days travelling in locals. The plethora of human emotions that we get to watch in those 15-20 mins helps us mature in a way a classroom never does. A very nice post..you made my day!

  3. The experience is the same in Mumbai local trains! I agree with irfanuddin that indians lack what is called "civic sense". Even kids don't behave the way adults behave when it comes to securing a seat in the train!
    Because of the increasing number of women who are now getting out of home to work or going to far flung colleges, the need for more coaches is inevitable! Even in our twelve coach trains in Mumbai we have just 1 coach for first class ladies!! We pay a bomb and we dont even get to get inside the train!

  4. I myself have made a few journeys in the metro and i completely agree that each journey has many stories to tell.
    I always had the 'luxury' of travelling in the ladies compartment and so, once, while travelling with a male friend, i took the general coach, i realized that the ladies coach i had been taking for granted was indeed a luxury.

    Great post with each and every line being true to the core! :)

  5. @Irfan: I hate to disagree but can't deny that fact!

    @Shilpa: True, people around us are a mini-institution themselves :)

    @Maithili: First of all, hey, welcome back here :) Secondly, I do have heard of mumbai locals being worse, Delhi Metro is still better!

    @Janhvi: Thanks a lot :) I believe that girls are safer in the ladies coach itself. The kind of guys that board metro these days are just inexplicable. Haven't seen such sick people.

  6. Quite a nostalgic read for me. Rajiv Chowk is always crowded. My pick is CCD at RC...I'll surely catch up with you there one day:) Nice read, metro is so amusing...:)


  7. yes there are ppl who don't give a damn on their behavior and act in such a shameless way..

    And we often forget how innocence is in this race of life.

    Life's like that

  8. Hmm.. quite opposite to the city I live now.. but wherever I go I feel India is the best.. It has many lives in it buddy... but of course people should have civic sense and they shouldn't cross the limit buddy.. Rajiv Chowk, well I am not sure about the station but it is always good to travel in our METRO's rather than hi-fi metro's here.

    PS: I have posted Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 man.. Enjoy..

    Someone is Special

  9. @Saru: CCD at RC is something that is like a bliss amongst such chaotic environment. Surely will catch up with you there someday :)

    @Anand: True buddy!

    @SiS: Yes, even after this, we do take pride in saying India is the best, and rightly so, there are things to be taken positives from.
    And Yes, will go through your series soon :)

  10. nostalgia...the days of metro were fun...one line which i really loved was there were so many stories each day there..and we had of our own as well...lovely post :)

  11. Indeed they were, though I still travel by metro, that fun seems lost somewhere, isliye aajkal I just look at people and tabhi aise post likhta rehta hun :D

  12. Every time i visit Delhi i promise myself that i'll ride in the metro but it never happens! I am always short of time! Hmmm... someday ill know what the whole deal is about.

  13. I wish you get to travel in the Delhi Metro once :)


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