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Thank God, it happened!

For some heavenly reason, it was raining mercilessly from the time I had woken up in the morning. I was hopping between the window-side and the balcony of my house for the past 1 hour, it was 6 now. Yes, I had gotten up at 5, perhaps by the sound of the rain. I was hoping against hope for the rainfall to cease knowing that even if it did, me reaching college was next to impossible. After having realized that it was going to be a day at home, I moved inside with dropped shoulders (going to college was something I simply loved!).

With such a start to the day, I had almost figured out what a day it was gonna be. Exams were nowhere in the vicinity of time, so picking up course books was beyond the bounds of imagination. Neither did I have any novel, the newspaper wasn't available that day, and I was sick of watching stuff which self-proclaim them to be entertaining.

I tried doing things that didn't make any sense but sufficed for killing time, but at the end they were good for nothing as I had a good 12-15 hours to bypass and sleep had decided to pen down a whole new tale of betrayal with me.

I did not realize but after the initial phase of boredom was over, the day started to flow at an easy pace. The distinctly evident rainbow in the sky and the strands of mild sunlight showing up on the floor through window and door were pleasant and nearly perfect. I could hear a song playing in the background, almost.

And those tears flowing out were a clear sign of a person breaking down to no one else but himself. They were sign of a human being breaking down just for the sake of holding up tears for perhaps, too long. Those tears meant a lot, specially when you know what it meant to cry without having to answer any questions and without owing any awkward explanations to anyone. And without the rainfall could actually stop, it had started again.

Before I came to terms with actually I passed by, I realized that I have had one of the most awesome instances of my life. Yes, crying did give me a comfort, which I never thought it could ever. The very embrace of those droplets on my hand were warm enough to get out the frustration and the feeling of holding up all that while. Then I knew why that feeling of angst was arising time and again when I was forced to spend a day at home, alone!

I wish there are more such days once in a while, or rather some extra minutes in a day to retrospect, love and meet yourself. That day I met myself, after quite a while. Trust me, it was completely my pleasure! J

It is worth it, absolutely! Before you head towards this phase of your life, "Years will pass...We'll let days go by...sitting in an office cabin...sometimes our heart may even cry... We had a choice...We chose listening to the brain... Now We have made a living but only have memories down the lane..."


  1. True, when you encounter self realization of any sort, you are at peace with yourself for quite some time. Whenever I am sad or little down I talk to myself. Nicely written...:)

  2. 'Years will pass...We'll let days go by...sitting in an office cabin...sometimes our heart may even cry... We had a choice...We chose listening to the brain... Now We have made a living but only have memories down the lane...'

    u should add these lines of urs to this post too..lovely thought, well penned :)

    good luck for the contest!


  3. @Saru: Absolutely, that's the gist of this post, indeed :)

    @Sarah: Thank you Sarah, your suggestion also incorporated :)

    @Chitz: Thankyou!

  4. I can feel it Animesh.. I am living it.. Thank you so much for your sweet encouraging comment..

    Someone is Special

  5. this was such a poignant read..how u put across the welling up , having had to carry the burden for too long did wet my eyes..loved the post . .

  6. @SiS: It's all my pleasure man, thank you :)

    @Maliny: Wowwww, I am so happy, I wish you visit more often :D Welcome here...

  7. my motto in life too,do what you love instead of ding something that you dont,and then watching the years go by and then regretting it,,just not worth the time :)good post animesh

  8. I do that with myself, once in a week atleast.
    I sit with myself, noone to talk to, no laptop, phone or book to get distracted to, and I think about myself and my life.
    At times I end up laughing or atleast smiling, at other times, i cry my heart out.... at the end of both, am at peace with myself.

    Great post.

  9. @Joel: Agreed! The tagline of the blog says the same :) Thanks Joel :)

    @Janhvi: Being at peace with self can lead to unexplored excellence, I feel :)
    Thanks a lot janhvi :)

  10. time for urself is a nie thot..thats what even i long for..Here is my post -http://www.indiblogger.in/indipost.php?post=93113
    Let me know what you think

  11. @Zradar: Thank you :) will go through yours. Good luck!

  12. Crying helps a lot!
    Whenever I feel low..I let those droplets of pain within come out!
    Helps me a lot to come out from the frustration.

    Lovely post!
    Happy that you met yourself!

  13. Hello.
    I came across your blog from Blogger by Passion.

    Tears can indeed be a release of pent-up angst. One always feels better after a good cry or even a good laugh...helps to clear the mind.
    You have shown your heart & humility by sharing your self-discovery with us.
    Very poignant post, my friend!

    Hope you'll come visit me too:
    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  14. Yes animesh u r right, solitary does give us a chance to meet and question urself.

    Nice post.

  15. @Andy: Thanks a lot Andy, will go through yours soon!

    @Manisha: Thank you so much :)


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