A world waiting to be explored

Talking to the heart

In the peace that night brought with itself, I had started to revel, for that was my only solace in a foreign land. Language was a huge barrier and I was looked upon as being "not amongst them". That hurt. Initially, a bit, then a bit more, then a bit more and a bit more every passing day.

It started with a bedroom, a bathroom, a small kitchen and an equally small balcony. That was out of choice, so every compromise was met with dignity and a smile. I cooked, washed and cleaned. It was all good until a day when I realized that my desires have increased. Seemed alright. Started hunting for a spacious apartment, a cook, a maid.

Two weeks later, I fulfilled my wishes. And I had the night to my company again. Wisdom got to me every night until I fell asleep. 9 out of 10 people I met, I couldn't communicate with; but I can stamp my authority and say that at least 4 out of those 9 liked me because they'd make terrible fun of me and I won't retort. They derived pleasure and I frankly didn't care beyond a point.

As I stand on the verge of my 27th birthday, I couldn't question myself any less. In which moment did I decide that I had to travel thousands of air miles and stay away from my loved ones?
I thought I possessed the attitude of a rebel and that used to give a further push to the adrenaline. Taking this decision then gave me the silhouette of something outrageous, and hence I had to go ahead with it.

Now, I tell myself everyday that this adventure was worth going for, in the hope that I'd be convinced one day.


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