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Chocolate Ice Cream

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I passed by the old streets,
swallowing nostalgia through my throat,
as I walked down the school building,
and our lovable ice-cream uncle again,

He stood by his cycle,
even today, like those days,
quenching the thirsts of many, like us the other day,
when rain wasn't too heavy,
the lightning not too frightening.

Long before we were strangers, you asked me for things,
Chocolate ice cream, the most treasured,
And often he smiled, gave it for free,
before I could even ask, and perhaps tell,
for he knew money was a prized possession.

You talked the whole world,
and I saw the sun go down in your eyes,
half forgetting the ice cream, half forgetting the cosmos around.

His inquisitive eyes scan me today,
searching for you (I think not able to grow you out),
he asks me,
jogging back to his glory days,
you seem to be a traveller from distant lands,
and I ask him for chocolate ice creams,
one not two I say,
and we share a hug as also a tear,
Two ice creams indeed seems like a time long ago,
long before we were strangers.

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  1. Really nostalgic. :-)
    Best of luck.

  2. Wonderful memories of chocolate ice cream. Lovely poem!


  3. beautiful and emotional, we all have ice creams uncles at the corner of our school building

    My Blog-A-Ton Entry Raju'sChocolate

  4. A beautiful story said in a emotional way. Loved it so much Animesh. Thanks for participating :) All the very best!

    Someone is Special - Life is a Chocolate

  5. Beautifully written. The best entry perhaps in B A T

  6. Hi Animesh,

    All of us have such nostalgic moments once for sure...Beautifully versed.. Loved it :)



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