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She rushed to the mirror to check if the eye liner was put up properly. Meticulous. She ran back to the door grabbing her stole on the way. Running downstairs, she slowed herself down to regain composure as she strolled into the living area. Overlooking her was a life size poster of a God her family fervently worshipped. Escaping her mother's vigil, she threw a flying kiss to the poster. No wonder, she was euphoric.

She came from an orthodox family which liked to keep it strictly conventional. She sat at the breakfast table tapping her feet in a haphazard manner. The disordered manner in which she ate her breakfast was evident and discreetly pointed out by her mother repeatedly. The hormonal rush made it difficult to conceal her rocketing excitement. She fumbled putting on her heels before she finally set out as her mother nodded behind her.

Tanya, a very shy girl hardly ever let her hair loose. She was a strong, level-headed individual who would never cut slack on the task at hand. However, during the hardly fought last week at work, she found a shoulder to lay down with all her stress.

Flashback, 6 days back:
A stack of papers lay dishevelled on the table inside one of the coveted cabins. A couple of empty coffee mugs lay alongside loosely placed on the coasters. Those were late hours in office and lights were out, except inside the cabin. Lay leaning on the lower cupboards was a distressed Tanya holding her head between her hands. A few thunderstorms and a few phone calls later, she was found comforted and warmly wrapped in Anubhav's arms.

Back today:
Tanya looked out the bus window. A smile escaped her lips as she thought how she was held in a weak and vulnerable moment. Anubhav, her classmate from school, one she didn't even remember when they met after a long gap of 10 years, secretly admired her then and quietly loved her today. Last week, after they accomplished a near impossible task, Anubhav kissed her at midnight and that she didn't resist meant it was a pool they fell into without having to ask each other.

Today was an elongated celebration of a rushed moment they never intended to rush into. She was elegantly dressed in white as he zeroed down to a black shirt after possibly annoying a hypothetically personified mirror. As she got down from the bus, he waited with a box of Swiss chocolates, besides the letterbox they leaned on while being on their ice cream breaks during work hours.

Her eyes were adorned with tears as she moved towards him with shaky footsteps. He hugged her tightly to dissolve her apprehensions. They moved to the adjoining park where they set out there quilt to soak in a bit of sunlight and more of each other.

Meanwhile, Sumay's phone beeped with a text message. Sumay was Anubhav's closest buddy. He chuckled as he read Anubhav:

"She can't be dated? Guess, who's winning the bet now?"

Back in the mowed grass, they lay across looking in each other's eyes. While Tanya searched a soulmate, Anubhav rejoiced a challenge won.

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  1. Nice! I quite like it, and of course "men will be men" ;)

  2. The twist was unexpected. Well written :)

  3. Gripping narration and I simply loved your viewpoint. You have taken the topic to a next level.
    All the best for BAT50.


  4. this is like cheating in love, great narrative which keep hooked,

    My Blogaton#50 post Soulmates

  5. How sad!! She was trying to find love and he was simply trying to win a bet? What a different view point on the prompt. Brilliant Animesh!


  6. Oh! That was sad. If only it was not a challenge. Nicely done.
    All the best :)

  7. LOL, What a twist! :P
    best of luck. :)

  8. Beautifully penned but what a heartbreaker!


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