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Still proud ??

This is an earnest request to please read this post with zeal and feeling and if possible loudly too otherwise the post just isn't worth your read.

After all that happened, gradually everything started to settle down and as time passed everything was just left in previous days' newspapers and then it became history. And you told yourselves that life moves on and so have you !
Well, if you thought so, then i will say you are a loser, you are a coward, you are just a person whose existence holds no meaning, you don't have it in you to accept that you ran away.

Terrorist attacks in local trains on July 11, 2006 or the terrorist attack on The Taj on November 27, 2008. The whole nation was in a state of frenzied hysteria. Each one of you were in tears after seeing the whole scenario on the (daily soap dominated) television. And then as the days passed, the tears dried. You told yourselves that we have seen enough deaths in our lives that now we find tears hard to come.

I say, "WOW !!! What a reason to hide your weaknesses, your inability to do ANYTHING, THE THEORY OF ESCAPISM...."
And you people say that we are PROUD TO BE INDIANS
How many of you even remember the dates, Well.....congratulations if you do !!!
All of us saw movies like Rang De Basanti and at the end of the movie, we were furious, we wanted to be the change, we wanted the precarious yet uniquely structured system to be overcome by a more efficient one. And we did something, we clapped, we praised the actors for their work and said that the movie was worth the money. Ohh yes, we also voted for the actor to win awards.


The words may hurt you and some may even give up before reading the whole article. I would like to tell all of you who felt offended or hurt, YES ! YOU ARE GUILTY !


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