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Love is in the air...!!!!

Dreams, dreams for me are actually the things that we want to happen. When we close our eyes and go unconscious, it is our subconscious that comes into act. The subconscious that knows what we want, by heart and by soul. It is this subconscious that makes us see what our heart wants us to see.

I probably wanted to see that, I wanted to live a fairy tale for once, for one day, for some moments. A far away land, far away from reality, far away from gloominess, with only bliss in the air, and scented aroma in that land. A pleasing silence which has that praiseworthy simplicity. Flowers, rose petals pouring down, slowly, slowly, blended with a slight breeze, turning the whole scenario into a very loving one.With music playing in the background, which soothes you, and makes you smile every second. The ears longing to hear the music. In the land, there are rooms, rooms lighted with dim lights and candles. Where you can just feel the love that is in the air. And then, having spent time there with my loved one being with me just added to the delight and made the place eternal and immortal in my memory.

We were there, we were just looking at each other, and all that could have made the ambience more lovely was there. And as I cuddled her, I could feel the softness resembling that of a rose, and her smile restored the meaning of purity in my mind. Her eyes had that innocence that has long been erased away from mother earth. I was flabbergasted with the simplicity in her gestures. I was in awe of her and the moment.
Though it was uncalled for, for the dream to end, but I suppose my subconscious could not hold it longer enough for the sake of my fantasy. I woke up to the reality that there is no such land, no such paradise, no such aroma, no such ambience that exists, but something does, someone does :)

Love is in the air...!!


  1. Ah! The power of dreams, the wish for things that we know are ours, but not with us...

    Nice one.

    Got here via Blogadda's FB link :)

  2. yes, still our subconscious sometimes lets those dreams prevail to the extent that we maintain a smile all throughout the day.. :)
    Thanks.. :)

  3. Thank you Aakash. Will surely keep penning down as long as I would feel like doing so :)


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