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Fear is necessary :)

A fear of falling of the bicycle when learning to ride it......a fear of failure in exams when you aren't prepared...a fear of facing the crowd....a fear of proposing your valentine.......a fear that you might fail at the biggest stage......

If we choose to look at such things in life, we would realize that a large portion of our lives is ruled by these fears...there lies a fear in our subconscious, a fear that we don't realize....a fear that we do not know exists.....a  fear that we can't find a basis for??

Apprehension: Will India win the world cup??
Anxiety: Why did mom called me home early??
Concern: Did my girlfriend reach home safely??
An Alarm: This thing has to go right, otherwise everything will turn foul...
Urgency: Completing the assignment minutes before submission...
Excitement: A feeling of excitement of a director before a movie release....

All the above mentioned feelings are the manifestations of fear in one form or the other. We don't realize them, or perceive them as fears, but they are so inevitable..

Of all the fears that we hold in our lives (knowingly or unknowingly), a fear of failure, embarrassment, a fear that a thing might turn out the favorable way, these are the ones that dominate our mind and the subconscious.

It is because of this fear that we are not able to achieve what we want to, we are not able to get the best out of ourselves.
Having said that, I still believe that such fears are somewhat necessary, had it not been for such fears, I would not have landed where I am presently. I would not have been the person I am now, I would not have got what I have been blessed with..

I believe that it is the loss due to these fears that is compensated by the blessings showered by the Almighty...
Somethings in life, are necessary.. Fear also is, for us to be ourselves and to land where we don't desire but in a place where the sunshine of blessings and a rain of mist covers us :)


  1. The fear is to be rejected, when we look at someone's eyes and they let out no emotion but disappointment in us. Fear is not to be accepted, anywhere, home.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. very true post animesh
    i agree wid dis absolutly dat fear is necessary :)

  3. @blasphemous asthete: I differ a bit here.... I agree fear is to be rejected but certain fears are necessary...the ones that are held by our subconscious....fears that have no explanation for....

    some fears are there just to lead us the God's way :)

  4. @nidhi: thank you dear... as always :)

  5. Fears are indeed necessary, though ones discussed here are mere a type of fear.Fear sometimes hinder our actual capability to show up...which must be overcome timely. On the other hand fear inside us sometimes force us to dominate the situation rather than vice-versa.....
    our conscience help us to act accordingly,there.
    However fear is an important part of our life.

  6. Yes, indeed... I also intended to point out the fact that expressions like anxiety, excitement etc are manifestations of fear only, that we don't realize...
    Anyways, thanx for your valuable opinion.. i respect that :)

  7. Well, I beg to differ from you Animesh. I believe that fear, pain, despair....all are negative emotions which as human beings we all experience sometimes in our lives. That is inevitable. BUT they are not necessary appendages.....we need to extract ourselves from any kind of negative emotions and move on.

    BTW I like your two line introduction below the blog title....quite touching :)

  8. @neha- No offence but this is what he is trying to mention here. These negative emotions (fear, pain ,jealousy....) as u called them , play a very essential part in our lives. Maybe its little difficult to understand in first shot.
    but i'm sure u'll agree with him if u think from the other side.

  9. Nice post.. .. Fear is the biggest enemy of a person"s route to success. Fears are definitely of different kinds, and You have elaborated all the aspects of human nature quite well :)

  10. @Neha: Yes, it is very understandable that as normal human beings having gifted sense of understanding, we would always want to avoid the negative emotions/fears..... but the post basically intends to convey that certain hidden fears are important, and that they prompt us to move in a certain way,..... And as Shivam pointed out... just try looking at them differently... give my write one more read :)

  11. Thank you Mr. Anonymous.. :) I just wanted to bring to light a different side to various things/expressions/feelings that exist around us.... I am glad I was able to do that to some extent...... And thanks all for commenting.... The discussion got more engrossing and learning :)

  12. @Neha: Thank you for the compliment also :)


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