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Life is an art!!!

I walked down the road on a peaceful morning, bright sunshine, with the chirp of birds providing music to my ears. I could see kids on the verge of adolescence riveted in a game of cricket. I could see little girls playing nearby, some aunties busy talking, some old aged people also involved in good deal of conversation.

With the arena around me being so light, I decided to take a round of the society park so that I get to know how the people are, around me, so that I can add to my glossary, some more linguistics.

Off late my life has been a haste, and I wanted to have a feel of the ease and the simplicity of life.

As I looked at the kids playing and exuberating with joy time and again, I harked back to those lovely times when I had the liberty to let loose certain things, when I had the freedom to commit mistakes and get away with them.

As I looked at the budding youngsters, I harked back to the times when just shouting also gave me pleasure, when marks mattered less and friendship mattered more.

I wished, I could only do that now, I controlled my tears, I have no liberty now. I chose a path less taken, and I am quite satisfied and more than happy that I chose to take that road.
But does life mean a compromise?
Do we always have to put something at stake to be big?
Do success and happiness not go hand in hand?

Is life all about how we prioritize things, how we maintain an equilibrium between things we desire?

Is life all about we bothering to prove how badly we want certain things?

These are the questions with long trailing question marks and if lend some time might provoke some thought......

After all, Life is an art!!!


  1. u knw wat
    d same thots cum 2 me.. wat d way u write.. i alwazz luv it so much
    well done yaar

  2. thank you yaar...its just my state of mind that i try to reflect in my writes... and being a simple guy, my thinking is in resonance with all the normal people :)

  3. Do success and happiness not go hand in hand?

    If they don't then you failed.

    Perhaps, they are genius who really live life as art.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. My point exactly.... The most toughest part of life is to balance between your wants... equilibrium as I had said :)

  5. A common thought described in wonderful words,your writing ability seems to deliever it perfectly,
    well done,keep it up.

  6. Reading it has got me convinced that there surely is a very versatile writter in you..keep up your work!!

  7. :) thanx a lot.....I am glad you said that.... :)


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