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Part 15: That one night hacked several lives..!!

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Damn it!!

What? What did he say Shreya?

I don't exactly know what the complete thing is all about, but Karan surely does not want you to face the heat.

Are you serious? Why would he not want that?

Well those things are a bit inconsequential right now. Let me tell you why you coming in between all this mess was so much needed for Shireen to be safe.

Rahul, Isha and Sameer stand stiff at their places as Shreya continues to speak.

I got to know about all this when Rajiv called me in his cabin that day. When I entered his cabin, he had a mail open on his laptop screen. For some reason, he chose to show it to me. I did not understand it completely then but the deal between Karan and Rajiv which was yet to be finalized was in its initial stages.
Gradually, I understood why I was given so may appraisals and so much favoritism, and why I was told about that deal. Rajiv loved me, he told me another day and what followed were a series of forced involvement with him, physically!
I don't know when I also got involved but one day when I saw that he included your name also in that list along with Kenny and Shireen, something was piercing me inside out. It was a self-realization, a self check of sorts. I realized that how worse matters were starting to get. A few days later, I got to know that my life has been curtailed for some diving reason. My doctor told me that I am not gonna live much. That day was the one which fuelled me to give my everything that I have to save you and Shireen.

Sameer moved closer to Shreya as she tried to control the emotional outburst.

Shreya continued.....

It was only in the morning that I got to know that Karan would not want Sameer to be involved in this chaos. Though Rajiv was insanely stubborn to not get you sign the deal, I was trying whatever I could to find you and make you sign this one.

Rahul and Isha left as Isha had to reach home before her parents got up. Shreya and Sameer kept checking their mailbox for any further proceedings on the issue.

What followed were a sequence of mails between Rajiv and Karan about Sameer sending confirmation about his presence in the deal. Rajiv kept calling Shreya while she chose not to talk. The darkest hours of her life were perhaps dying out. By involving Sameer in the deal, she did actually save Shireen and Sameer.

Soon after a few days, it was announced that Rajiv has resigned from the company and they had a new director!
Yes, Karan, it was. Shreya and Sameer left the company. Shreya rather wanted to live her last few days, with her close friends, Rahul, Isha, and.......Sameer!!!!

None of them ever got to know why did Karan not want to find Sameer in any sort of unfavourable circumstances. Why Sameer left the organization also remained a mystery to all in the office.

How could just one night change scenarios and lives and people and their perspective towards everything.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  1. perfecttttt ending...loved it....
    animesh u really can write a good novel :)
    the last part was really worth the wait :)

  2. Really liked the story, but felt like Rahul and particularly Isha had nothing to do with the whole plot...

  3. Nidhi: I wish I do write one someday :) Thank you :)
    Junior Scoop: Though less comparatively, but Isha and Rahul had some roles to play, they made the beginning :D. Really happy to see you liking the story.

  4. First, the title of this post is superb, I think it can't be better than this. Finally, it ended. It's a great story Animesh!!!

  5. Hi Animesh, my long pending to-read list just got over.. read all the parts at one go and I have to tell you that it was AWESOME... Every part kept a suspense which made me hooked on to the next story.

    I really liked the way you handled the past and the present in every part. The flow, narration, characters and the plot was really good. Great going buddy :)

  6. wow..the ending was really a cherry on top! wonderfully narrated, fast paced and thrilling..u surely are a gifted writer..hope to read ur books someday maybe :P

    keep it up!


  7. Saru: Yes, it has ended. I can sense a feeling of accomplishment :) Thank you for the encouraging words all this while. Hoping to hear more from you.

    Anand: I am overwhelmed buddy :) You are really kind :)

    Sarah: I would say "Mission Accomplished" if u say it was thrilling and kept you hooked. You would get to read my novel, someday!

  8. okay... a lot of questions/suggestions:

    i thought u ended abruptly

    i was expecting something from the other two characters karan and rajiv.

    what happened to kenny and shireen.

    the deal is still not clear.

    i hope you dont mind me asking you these. :) nice read though!

  9. Wow. I am glad I was patient to wait for the end, my patience paid off well.
    Waiting for your novel someday. :)

  10. @HijiBijBij: I wish you revisit this space again and get answers to all your questions :)
    So here it goes. Okay, so you felt I ended abruptly, well, that's a feedback for me, I take that :)
    Secondly, about Karan and Rajiv, I must say the story did not span out the way you wanted it to be ;) I am happy it remained unexpected till the end ;)
    Thirdly, Did I forgot to mention that Kenny also left the office, ohh shit, yes, I did forget!
    Shireen ain't that consequential as everything happened behind her back, but it would be interesting to look from her side of the story, so much fuss yet so less noise!
    Lastly, the project the three of them were working on was being used as a mask for the deal, the "ultimate" deal, which was that the entire land or area would be owed to Karan and the present employees of Rajiv's office would be thrown out and since Sameer, Kenny and Shireen signed the deal, Rajiv would be safe. But this did not happen because Karan backed out since Sameer was involved.

    Huff!! Long time answering these, but felt nice, somebody was really glued to my story, thank you!

  11. @Janhvi: Yayyy! delighted to see that comment coming from you. I will tell you when I write one :)

  12. Buddy, I am back to blogging.. Will complete this at a stretch as soon as possible.. I can't wait you know.. Happy Weekend..

    Someone is Special

  13. Glad to hear that Man, waiting for your feedback!

  14. Buddy, I read this at a stretch, I read from part 1.. I love the entire plot man.. What could one hack or a mistake could cause? and I am amazed by the way you managed those characters, to start off, Rajiv, Karan, Sameer, Isha, Rahul, Shreya, and many more...

    I suggest you to write one thriller man, may be with hack as a plot you can rock on for sure buddy... and congrats for getting featured on BlogAdda, BlogJunta choices..

    You are rocking.. Keep it up bud..

    All The Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Someone is Special

  15. I have been waiting for your suggestions/feedback for God-knows how long and I must say it was worth the wait.
    Thanks a lot buddy, if I write a book, you would be amongst the first people who would get to know about it :)

  16. Animesh, this kept me totally glued. A very good read. Well written =)


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