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"There was a sense of urgency in his voice, an air of emergency that could be felt, an effort that was more often than not unsuccessful yet a-larger-than world spirit."

"He was trying to figure out what all was there in the room, he would go to the window and then walk back slowly to his bed and keep murmuring something or the other."

"He would look at us and smile quite often and say things that were so inappropriate at times, and would leave him embarrassed, yet he won't mind next time and still try to get maximum things right."

As all the questioning was over, Lady Christina asked why all of it was required. The magazine columnist said that we need a story for this edition of our magazine. We need something that would increase the popularity of our magazine. And we were looking for something interesting from a lot of days. Thank you mam for your time.

"Would you not like to see them?", said Lady Christina.
"Yeah sure, why not? That would indeed be very nice", the columnist replied.

She took them to the three respective chambers and allowed the cameraperson with the columnist to capture the actions and beahaviour of all the three patients.
As they were observing that, the columnist saw that Lady Christina was moving away and was all in tears. He tried to stop her by calling out her name but she didn't stop.

Amazed and bewildered at that, the columnist approached another lady there and asked what the matter was.
She let them to the lobby and made them sit there. Since, the curiousity of the columnist had reached unimaginable heights by then, he forcefully asked the lady to tell him everything.
The lady said,"Our asylum is the best in the country and it is because of one person that it has reached such heights. It dates back to the time when the city was still developing. This asylum like today then also used to serve to the psychiatric needs of people as well."
She took out a photograph and pointed to a lady in that photo.
"She was the owner,Mrs. Ashtrell, the one who started this asylum, the one because of whom our town despite of being a backward one saw a huge inflow of big businessman and industrialists. She had everything, a flourishing asylum, a very loving husband and three kids. The only curse in her life was that her kids weren't as lucky as everyone else was. One of them was dumb, the second one was blind and mentally unstable and the third one was deaf. One day her husband and the three kids were out for a drive. As a father, he had to take care of the mentally unstable kid of his as well. Be it his misfortune, or may be the destiny, the car bumped into a guy resulting in instant death. That guy was from the minority group of the country. Since, this town was very narrow minded and backward in approach and thinking, the minority community beated the husband of Lady Christina till death. The kids being just 6 years old couldn't handle the mental trauma and all the three lost their mental balance"

The columnist asked,"What happened to Mrs. Ashtrell after that?"
The lady said,"She kept her three kids in the three chambers you just saw. Yes, those three are the three kids of Mrs. Christina Ashtrell or Lady Christina".


  1. Interesting, but what to say of small town people, even big city people can be more than ruthless, if they ever start paying attention to all such details. It's a mob, and a mob doesn't think.
    It's sad to know that the person who does such good service to society is paid back so dearly for mistakes made out of accidents.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Yes, though it is unfortunate but that is why they say think before you act....the story mentioned above is just a fictitious work..I was basically trying to point out the fact that the people who killed the guy were from minority and it was an act of frustration and a feeling of not given their rights that lead to the mishap....

  3. dis 1 touchd me yaar
    well writtn as alwazzz :)


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