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Give me some sunshine!!

I woke up late today, probably 3 hours late than usual. I had the holiday feel right from the moment I woke up. As I made efforts to pull myself out of my bed, I could hear the sound made by the tiny raindrops when they fall over tree leaves. It was beautiful, it was music!
I got out of my bed and carrying a leisure walk made my way into the balcony. It was raining and was raining heavily. I got to know it had been raining since night. Thankfully, it was a holiday.
It was cloudy. A 5-6 year old would have been in doubt whether he/she has got up in the morning or evening.
It was dark.
I kept watching the rain, hoping it to end. Hours passed by.
Nearby our society was a college which was supposedly having a fest next week. While it was raining, I could see some kids practicing for some competition unperturbed by the rain. They were recording the scenes performed, may be they were making a movie. What struck me was the zeal they had, the perseverance they exuded. Because of the rain, they were not getting the perfect shots, they were being thwarted in their progress, but they kept coming back at the rain stronger and harder. And though slowly, kept moving. 
Unlike me, they weren't saying, "Give me some sunshine".

Later, the rain stopped, and as I got back inside, I better understood why I saw those kids. Probably, it was time for me to learn a lesson in my journey.
Because of the rain, I did not to do what I could have done. 
If wishes were money, I would have been a millionaire. However, that rain brought about a change in me, a change in approach, a change in living and a change in thinking.
Sunshine would never happen, unless you bear the brunt of healing yourself in the rain (read, storm).


  1. luvd d msg u conveyed..n well written animesh.. u actually define a new meaning to many a topics n also the title of the post is really gud :)

  2. *smiles*
    Sooner than later that we realize it..
    Thank you Nidhi :)

  3. True,
    success is for those who strive for it through thick and thin, sun and rain, the zeal matters, just like the grit.

    Nice read.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Absolutely, there never has been a shortcut to success.

  5. nicely quoted dude "a change in approach... a change in living".... we always blame rains 4 lack of our efforts....


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